RHOBH Sutton Stracke's unapologetic behavior in Season premiere has fans claiming she's the real MVP 

Sutton Stracke (Image via Instagram/@suttonstracke)
Sutton Stracke (Image via Instagram/@suttonstracke)

RHOBH returned for Season 12 on Bravo, and it's already proving to be quite dramatic. While the drama was unmissable, fans were taken aback by Sutton Stracke and her in-your-face behavior. Sutton was unapologetically herself - from slamming Ericka Jayne to her unaffected reaction to Dorit Kemsley's home invasion.

To begin with, Sutton is single and ready to mingle, but the man of her dreams has to meet her long list of requirements. While discussing her dating life with Kyle Richards during the premiere, Kyle shared that Ericka had also started dating again. But her dates were set up by friends.

Taking a dig at Erika, Sutton bluntly told Kyle,

"But I don’t care if they’re rich, so maybe my qualifications might be a little different than your friend’s.”

Sutton didn't stop with that. During her confession, the RHOBH star further shared her list of requirements. She revealed that she is looking for someone who has a good character and is humorous. According to her, money does not feature on her list because she has her own money.

“Maybe unlike Erika, I don’t need money. I don’t need that in order to make myself feel better. Maybe Erika misses her big house all the jewelry and the lifestyle, so she has to look for someone that can provide that for her.”

This was once again a dig at Erika. That's not all. Following Dorit's traumatizing home invasion, Sutton went to Kyle's home. While Kyle was visibly emotional while opening the door for Sutton, the RHOBH star was cold and tried to brush the topic off. She started chatting about a bunch of cookies and thought Kyle was crying due to allergies.

Much to Kyle's disbelief, that was not the only unnerved reaction from Sutton. The Georgia native tried to make the conversation about herself, sharing that she had been putting out fires too. These 'fires' were apparently related to immigration issues in bringing a French interior designer into the country.

Unmindful of Kyle's shocking reaction to her statement, Sutton went on to talk about her problems. While her lack of empathy towards Dorit's situation left a few fans upset, many claim that Sutton was the MVP of the premiere for her unapologetic and unaffected behavior.

Here's what fans think of Sutton Stracke's behavior on RHOBH season premiere

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Sutton was savage for her reactions and statement. Some also shared that they hope she keeps up the energy throughout the season.

Sutton is the MVP and we're only one episode in. Kyle can't handle it 😆 she better hope Sutton doesn't start poking around the tea about her husband too #rhobh
Sutton: MVP of the episode FOR ME. The shade was just right. I hope she keeps this energy in person because the girls are coming for her I fear. #RHOBH
Sutton was my MVP tonight. #RHOBH
Sutton who we never thought we needed. She is the real mvp on #RHOBH , she says it as it is with grace & is not scared of anybody
Daaaaaaaaamn Sutton that was a savage confessional #RHoBH
Savage Sutton just coming in hot this season. Jeez. #RHOBH
sutton is a savage on this season of #RHOBH im actually quite surprised 💀
Wow! Sutton sure is coming in hot on season premiere ep 1 of #RHOBH Talk about shots fired 😬
Sutton is lowkey a shade assassin she’s out here throwing haymakers like #rhobh

While shots were fired, this is just the premiere, and there's a lot more drama waiting to unfold when RHOBH returns next week.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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