Se7en and Lee Da-hae’s relationship timeline explored as their sweet romance takes centerstage on TV show

Se7en and Lee Da-hae are a popular couple (Image via Instagram/@ se7enofficial, @leedahey4eva)
Se7en and Lee Da-hae are a popular couple (Image via Instagram/@ se7enofficial, @leedahey4eva)

K-Pop star Se7en and Lee Da-hae revealed a phone call on a television show for the first time after dating each other publicly for seven years. The call will be featured on August 28's episode of MBC's variety show Point of Omniscient Interference. The call reportedly also surprised members of the show's panel.

The way Se7ev and Lee Da-hae spoke to each other, using terms of endearment, was loved by the panel members, according to a report in allkpop. The episode is scheduled to air on August 28 at 10.50 p.m. KST.

When did Se7en and Lee Da-hae start dating?

Se7en and Lee Da-hae's relationship was officially confirmed in September 2016. Sports Chosun had reported on the same exclusively, and the report stated that Se7en and Lee Da-hae were long-time friends before they became lovers. At the time the relationship was announced, a source was quoted in the report.

"They were friends for a long time but naturally became lovers as they became sources of strength for one another during difficult times. I think they’ve been dating for over a year. Many of their acquaintances already know. They are a lovey dovey couple that go on dates in Thailand, Hong Kong, and the like often."

Initially, the couple kept things under wraps in Korea and mostly went on long drives and car dates. However, when their overseas schedules matched, the two dated openly.

Speaking about her relationship months after it was confirmed publicly, Lee Da-hae had said, “[When I began seeing Se7en], I became more cheerful.” She then added,

"If we never began dating, it would have been the biggest regret of my life.”

It must be noted that the two were speculated to have been dating for over a year before they confirmed their relationship. Se7en, when speaking about his relationship, said,

"I jokingly said that it took longer than I thought for us to get caught. But I wasn’t actually puzzled at all.”

This was in response to DJ Yoon Hyung-bin's question to Se7en,

“There’s a rumor that you were puzzled about your dating news. What does that mean?”

Speaking about dating spots, Se7en said,

"As much as possible, we carefully go to places without a lot of people, but we don’t cover up and put on masks.”

Se7en and Lee Da-hae have confessed details about their relationship over the years

In 2017, Lee Da-hae spoke about her relationship with Se7en and said,

"The fact that I’m dating the son of the convenience store (7-Eleven)? What’s there to say? It’s a truth everyone knows.”

She then added,

"We’ve always known each other, but we weren’t close or in contact with each other. After he enlisted in the army, a common acquaintance called me one night saying he was drinking with Se7en and asked if I wanted to come.”

She further spoke about her first impression of Se7en on the tvN show Life Bar. She said,

"Back then I thought, ‘Se7en’? Drink with him?’ At that time, I saw Se7en from the same perspective as the public. It wasn’t a good image."

She then confessed,

"Thinking that way despite being a celebrity myself was unfair of me. I get upset when the public sees me that way, but I thought of him as the public did in that situation. That’s why I didn’t go meet them.”

Here, Lee Da-hae refers to a controversy that the Se7en was embroiled in while enlisted in the army.

Before this phone call on the MBC variety show, Se7en and Lee Da-hae also talked about their relationship multiple times. In 2019, Se7en had appeared on MBC Every1’s Video Star, and he was asked if his relationship with Lee Da-hae was still passionate. He responded, “Yes.”

He then added: "She did tell me to be careful. But [since we’re publicly dating], I’ve decided to let things go." Se7en spoke about his girlfriend and said,

"She has great energy. I think that’s why we fit well together. As we give each other positive energy, we give each other strength.”

Commenting on the pros and cons of dating publicly, he said:

"The benefit is that we can go places comfortably. The disadvantage is that we each do our own work, but we keep getting connected to each other’s work.”
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