Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge - Who were the victims?

Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge
Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge on Oxygen (Image via IMDb)

The two-episode special Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge, which aired on Oxygen this Saturday night, recounts a crime spree that took place between 1992 and 2004. During that period, more than 36 women were victimized and brutally killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The investigation provides an explanation for many of the concerns raised throughout the timeframe by showing that three different individuals, namely Derrick Todd Lee, Sean Vincent Gillis, and Jeffery Lee Guillory, were active serial killers in the region at the time.

The three men's numerous victims ranged in age from 29 to 81, and while some of the women's remains were located, others were never found. The men horribly abused their victims physically and s*xually before killing them by stabbing, strangling, and shooting.

While the serial killers were brought to justice after their 12-year-long crime spree and convicted of multiple murders each, the memories of the victims and the horror still linger in the river-side city.

Trigger warning: The following content contains sensitive material. Viewer discretion is advised.

One of the victims was stabbed 81 times

Details about the multiple women victimized during the Baton Rouge serial killings by convicted killers Derrick Todd Lee, Sean Vincent Gillis, and Jeffery Lee Guillory will be categorized below:

Derrick Todd Lee


Derrick Todd Lee, a high school dropout, was suspected of killing at least seven women between the mid-1990s and 2003. He was eventually connected to the victims via DNA.

One of Lee's victims was Diane Alexander, who was assaulted on July 9, 2002, but managed to survive the attack. According to reports, she later assisted authorities in producing a composite sketch of the attacker.

In April 1998, 28-year-old Randi Mebruer was kidnapped and although blood traces and other evidence of assault were discovered in her house, her remains were never found.

On September 24, 2001, a 40-year-old registered nurse named Gina Wilson Green was discovered dead in her house close to Louisiana State University. An autopsy revealed that she was r*ped and strangled.


On January 14, 2002, Geralyn DeSoto, a 21-year-old student at LSU, was found brutally murdered in a pool of blood at her Baton Rouge home by her husband. Charlotte Murray Pace, a 22-year-old woman with an MBA, was stabbed 81 times and bludgeoned. On May 31, 2002, her roommate discovered her body.

Pam Kinamore, 44, the married owner of an antique store, was kidnapped from her house on July 12, 2002. Three days later, her corpse was discovered and had defensive wounds. On November 21, 2002, Trineisha Dene Colomb, age 23, was abducted from her house and murdered due to blunt force trauma.

In October 2004, Lee was found guilty of murdering Pace and DeSoto and was given the death penalty via lethal injection. However, his death sentence and conviction were upheld by the Supreme Court and he died in 2016 while on death row, awaiting execution.

Sean Vincent Gillis


Although Sean Vincent Gillis admitted to eight killings, not all of the cases were allowed to be presented in court. On April 29, 2004, he was taken into custody and charged with three murder cases.

In March 1994, Ann Bryan, 81, was repeatedly stabbed in her apartment in a retirement community. In January 1999, 29-year-old Katherine Hall was found brutally murdered at a Baton Rouge construction site. Her body was covered in stab wounds and had ligature marks on her neck.

In May 1999, 52-year-old Hardee Schmidt was kidnapped while jogging. She was discovered dead in a bayou near a highway. On November 12, 1999, 36-year-old Joyce Williams was found dead.

Lillian Robinson, 52, went missing in January 2000 and three months later, her body was discovered in a marshland area. She was strangled to death with a zip tie made of plastic.

In October 2000, Marilyn Nevils, 38, was assaulted and strangled. Her body was discovered on a levee. In October 2003, 45-year-old Johnnie Mae Williams was discovered dead in some woodlands. She had cuts on her back and legs in addition to ligature marks on her neck. Donna Bennett Johnson was found dead in February 2004.

Gillis was found guilty in 2008 of killing Johnson and Joyce Williams and sentenced to life in prison.

Jeffery Lee Guillory


Jeffery Lee Guillory, a Baton Rouge native who was convicted of killing one victim, is also thought to have killed other women. Authorities stated that DNA connected him to the murders of Florida Edwards, 36, Sylvia Cobb, 36, and Renee Newman, 46, in 1999, 2001, and 2002, respectively. All these women were assaulted and strangled to death.

Guillory was found guilty in 2011 and given a life sentence for the murder of Newman while already serving a 50-year term for the attempted murder of a woman in Lafayette in 2007.

Oxygen's Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge will further discuss in detail the Baton Rouge serial killers and their victims.

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