5 new true-crime Oxygen shows renewed and slated for summer 2022 release

Promotional posters of Oxygen's Cold Justice and Living with a Serial Killer (Image via Oxygen)
Promotional posters of Oxygen's Cold Justice and Living with a Serial Killer (Image via Oxygen)

All year long, Oxygen is all set to give its viewers a series of true-crime content to binge on, with several new shows and brand new seasons of the existing ones dropping this year.

In a recent announcement, Oxygen announced the renewal of nine shows and five additional ones premiering this year. Oxygen is known for its high-quality content.

The official premiere dates for the shows are yet to be announced.

Oxygen shows renewed for summer 2022


Let's take a look at these upcoming seasons on Oxygen and learn more about them.

1) Living with a Serial Killer

Last month, Living with a Serial Killer premiered its second season. The series contained three powerful 90-minute episodes, asking what it is like to find out that the person you share your life with is a murderer?

The previous season also had three episodes revolving around Joanne Dennehy, Peter Tobin, and Pam Wright. Ned Parker and Danny Tipping executively produce the series.

2) Cold Justice

Dick Wolf's Cold Justice has also returned this year with a team of detectives investigating unsolved homicides in small towns. The series stars Kelly Siegler, Johnny Bonds, Steve Spingola, Aaron Sam, and Tonya Rider.

The latest episode, which aired on May 7, 2022, titled Inside the Episode 606: Out in the Cold, revolved around two successful female investigators who took up murder cases that went cold years ago without any resolution.

3) 911 Crisis Center

2022 also saw the return of 911 Crisis Center, which immerses viewers in the world of a Cleveland-area emergency call center. It offers a close look at a team of 911 dispatchers. They take on a never-ending queue of panic-stricken callers and heroically save lives.

In the previous season's episode 16: Work Family, the team supported Donna Majors after a call triggered her past trauma. A carjacking also went from bad to worse when Essence decided to take a break. On the other hand, Melinda capped off another night at dispatch with a twist.

The series is also available to stream on Vudu, Prime Video, AppleTV+, and Peacock.

4) Florida Man Murders

Oxygen's Florida Man Murders or Floribama Murders also returns with another season. In the previous season, the last episode, titled Nice Guys Finish Last, showed the tranquility of the Florida Keys being shattered when a resident is murdered. A bizarre trail leads the police to a Florida man, revealing a series of shocking crimes.

5) Accident, Suicide, or Murder

Accident, Suicide, or Murder is also returning for its season four this year. The previous season had 20 episodes, and the last episode, titled Dark Prophecy, revolved around a 2004 welfare check that spiraled into a sinister account of death. Idaho Sheriffs discovered a horrific crime scene provoked by a cult-like prophecy, revealing a shocking truth that no one saw coming.

Oxygen shows slated for summer 2022

Oxygen is also gifting its viewers brand new true-crime content to binge on, with five new shows premiering this year. The official premiere date for the shows is yet to be announced, but the excitement for the same is hard to contain.

Let's take a look at these upcoming shows on Oxygen and learn more about them.

1) Black Widow Murders

Produced by Catalina Content and Lark Productions, Black Widow Murders on Oxygen features unique stories of diabolical women who lure victims into gruesome deaths for wealth, lust, and power.

Whether as con artists, serial divorcees, or homemakers with a secret double life, these cases offer fantastic accounts where women take control in the most violent ways. These women will not stop until investigators finally bring them down.

2) The First Mindhunter

Produced by Ample Entertainment and Motiv8 Media, The First Mindhunter on Oxygen, will revolve around events that will reveal the lost works of Dr. Carlisle and his elaborate never-heard-before recorded interviews with killers like Ted Bundy, Arthur Gary Bishop, Hi-Fi Killers, and Manny Cortez.

Each episode will zero in on the twisted thoughts of the killer and the chilling insights Dr. Carlisle pulls in from their minds. On the other hand, he will also be seen working with his inner circle of detectives, using the recordings and research to get new clues to the cases.

3) Manifesto Of A Serial Killer

Produced by Bungalow Media + Entertainment, Manifesto of a Serial Killer revolves around a woman's heartache and determination to find her missing brother. This leads her to a stunning discovery of one of the most chilling cases in history.

The series is a character-led narrative with unimaginable twists and turns. Detectives discover two depraved men who kill at least 25 people to fulfill their macabre se*ual fantasies by enslaving young women at a remote cabin in the woods. They have also been known to document the crimes while committing them. The mystery remains unresolved due to the possibility of a third person involved in these crimes, which the series will uncover.

4) Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge

Produced by Jupiter Entertainment, Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge is set to revolve around the brutal murders in Baton Rouge, LA, that took place between 1994-2004. A misleading FBI profile and false arrests confuse the investigators as they struggle until they find evidence revealing the three different murderers involved.

5) Sleeping With Death

Produced by Texas Crew Productions, Sleeping with Death on Oxygen tells compelling stories about the most bizarre murders. It has narrations that claim waking up to a dead body. The series establishes that even if the nights are calm and easy, the mornings can bring panic, deception, and blood. The question here remains if the person was sharing their home with the victim, or were they a visitor in the middle of the night?

With a team of investigators, key witnesses, and other key people, the series will uncover the secrets and truths behind each murder.

Oxygen is also set to bring back shows like The Real Murders of Atlanta, Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins, New York Homicide, and The Real Murders of Orange County with brand new seasons in 2023.

Watch this space for more updates on Oxygen's series.

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