"Seungri didn't deserve this": Fans enraged after ex-Kpop star is jailed for three years in Burning Sun prostitution scandal

Seungri charged with illegal prostitution and more (Image via YG Entertainment)
Seungri charged with illegal prostitution and more (Image via YG Entertainment)

Seungri, or Lee Seung-hyun, formerly of BIGBANG, has been sentenced to three years in prison for arranging prostitution and facilitating illegal gambling overseas.

The K-pop idol and businessman was investigated after the "Burning Sun" case blew up in South Korea, where he was accused of several different charges, including facilitating prostitution services. The entire scandal has put his agency, YG Entertainment, through critical examination in the public eye.

Seungri was part of the 5-piece YG Entertainment boy group BIGBANG until he announced his retirement from the group and the entertainment industry on Instagram. This was due to legal scrutiny for his alleged involvement in the Burning Sun scandal.

Seungri is facing multiple charges for his violation

On the 12th of August, 2021, Seungri was officially convicted of providing illegal prostitution and gambling services overseas. A military court gave the verdict because the former K-pop idol is currently serving his mandatory military service and will soon be released.

Seungri will be serving three years in jail, as ordered by the courts. He was also ordered to pay $1 million in compensation.

After news of the conviction broke, fans of BIGBANG and Seungri took to Twitter to express their concern and distaste with the South Korean judicial system. They claim that it was a hasty ruling and a convenient distraction from the real criminals in the matter.

The Burning Sun scandal grew at the beginning of 2019 when news of an assault at the club "Burning Sun" became public. Several people and companies hold stakes in the club. One of those stakeholders is Yuri Holdings, co-founded by Seungri.

The scandal blew open after a deeper investigation led to the discovery of prostitution, illegal filming of sexual activities, rape, assault, and more. Several K-pop idols, such as Jonghyun of CNBLUE, Jonghoon of F.T. Island, and others, were caught up in the affair.

Given the case's high-profile nature and how it affected the general public, South Korea's President Moon Jae-in was forced to step in and order a thorough investigation.

In previous court hearings before the ruling, Seungri admitted receiving illegal sex services, spreading footage and pled guilty to illegal gambling.

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