Shaq x Reebok Pepsi sneaker: Everything we know so far

Shaq x Reebok Pepsi sneaker: Everything we know so far
Shaq x Reebok Pepsi sneaker: Everything we know so far (Image via @thesurgeon/Instagram)

Shaq x Reebok is preparing to launch its first collaboration on Pepsi sneakers, celebrating Shaquille O'Neal's thirty-two-year basketball career and his love for Pepsi.

On February 18, Shaq unfurled the first look of the Pepsi sneaker at NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis. The Pepsi sneaker is another iteration of the Reebok Pump, featuring an extra chamber for the Pepsi mini-can.

It will be released in size twenty-two, matching Shaquille O'Neal's feet, and in a limited run of twenty pairs. Fans can start hovering over the shoe until February 25.

Shaq x Reebok Pepsi sneaker comes with twenty-two units

The Reebok Shaq Attaq Classics shoe was chosen for a fresh makeover to incorporate the collaboration. The Pepsi inclusion makes it a special one. For this collaboration, Shaq said,

"Pepsi has been a core part of my career since the moment I joined the NBA.My partnership with Pepsi means so much to me because we're always out here having fun, innovating, bringing the noise. Now, I'm pumped that I never have to be without my Pepsi Mini Cans."

Shaq credited The Shoe Surgeon for the Pepsi sneaker. The original name of shoe surgeon is Dominic Chambrone, a self-made cobbler. He designed popular shoes by providing his artistic perception and collaborated with celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Drake, and others.

The sneaker incorporates the electric blue color, the signature color of the Orlando Magic, the first NBA team Shaq played for. The sneaker is primarily black with touches of electric blue, creating a sporty look.

A chamber is curved on its outsole for the mini Pepsi can, a zero-sugar drink. The sole idea behind it was to celebrate the thirty-two years of a basketball career and his love for the drink.

One can take sips during matches to satisfy the thirst through this arrangement. The sneaker, however, is made in twenty-two sizes, marking the jumbo feet size of Shaquille O'Neal, and it will be sold in this size only.

The sneaker will only be released in twenty-two units, and fans can purchase it up to February 25, 2024.

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