"She clearly has a pattern": UK student assault video sparks outrage online as old clips of Sophia Rosing surface

Videos of University of Kentucky student's insensitive videos resurface online (Image via GoHomeKJ and conan_daily/Twitter)

University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing is making headlines after a video of her physically assaulting and using racial slurs against two Black students has gone viral. Meanwhile, older videos of the youngster being verbally abusive have also resurfaced online.

According to the Fayette County Detention Center, around 4 am on November 6, 2022, Sophia Rosing was arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and assault. However, she was later released.

A video of her using a racial slur and attacking a Black student, who was working the night shift at a dormitory front desk, has surfaced online. The victim revealed that not only did Rosing physically assault her, but she also assaulted a police officer. Rosing was reportedly also "singing the N-word" during the altercation.

Since the footage went viral across social media platforms, other clips of the 22-year-old's problematic behavior have resurfaced online. In one video, Sophia Rosing can be heard saying:

“I’m rich as f**k and you’re obviously not compared to what you’re wearing and I can sue you and you can’t do s**t about it especially because you don’t know my f**king last name.”

Another image of Rosing, who appears to be held by a police officer, has also appeared online. The Snapchat image read:

"She got kicked out of one of the bars I work at too for biting and racial slurs too.”

The person who shared the image on Twitter had written,

"She clearly has a pattern."

In another video posted on TikTok, Rosing appeared to be intoxicated and uttering the N-word as law enforcement attempted to handcuff her. The text on the video said that Rosing needed to get "put out."

Netizens demand Sophia Rosing's removal from the university

Internet users were in disbelief over Rosing's misconduct. Many were stunned to see a 22-year-old repeatedly hurling racist slurs. Her intoxicated state did not help her case too.

Others slammed Sophia Rosing's parents, claiming they should be held responsible for their daughter's actions. Some asked for her to be removed from the university for her behavior.

Sophia Rosing faces termination as video of her using racial slurs goes viral online

The college-goer was a brand ambassador for Dillard's department store. According to Rosing's LinkedIn account, she also worked as a social media marketing intern and a visual merchandising manager at the company.

Dillard's announced that they had terminated Rosing due to her recent actions. Their statement read:

“Dillard’s does not condone this behavior. Her relationship with Dillard’s has been terminated immediately.”

Rosing was also a member of College Fashionista. However, the fashion and beauty influencer group has announced that they have ended their association with Rosing. Their statement reads:

“Sophia Rosing was removed from the College Fashionista community effective immediately. We will be conducting an immediate detailed review of our member management practices, including our vetting processes, internal training, and beyond.”

The University of Kentucky also addressed its student body. President Eli Capilouto said in a message that there would also be an investigation into the matter. He further stressed that the educational institution does not encourage such behavior.

It remains unclear whether Rosing will appear in court.

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Edited by Karishma Rao