"She’s not coming": Seeking Sister Wife fans troll Garrick and Danielle, claiming Roberta will not move to the US 

Garrick and Danielle (Image via Instagram/@garrickmerrifield)
Garrick and Danielle (Image via Instagram/@garrickmerrifield)

TLC's Seeking Sister Wife returned for an all-new episode on Monday night, and this week, tensions were seen running high as Danielle and Garrick awaited an answer from Roberta.

The couple needed to know if she was ready to move to the US or if she was going to stay in Brazil. In the end, much to their relief, Roberta assured them that she was excited to move to the US.

Despite telling Danielle and Garrick precisely what they wanted to hear, viewers were suspicious and speculated that Roberta will eventually stay back in Brazil. They claimed that she didn't want to move to the US because she didn't want to leave her mother. Some fans also speculated that Roberta didn't want to move because she wasn't that interested in their lifestyle.

Episode 12 of Seeking Sister Wife, titled An Emotional Rollercoaster, featured Danielle and Garrick in Brazil. They decided to visit Roberta in hopes of convincing her to move to the US with them and start a new family.

Seeking Sister Wife: Roberta claims she is finally ready to move to the US

During the start of the episode, Roberta opened up and revealed that a past incident was stalling her decision regarding her move to the US.

Roberta then recalled that one day, Garrick and Danielle had introduced her to another woman. They then told Roberta that the other woman also wanted to be a part of their family. Roberta shared that she was upset and hurt by this because she couldn't imagine Garrick wanting to spend time with another woman.

Danielle, on the other hand, was taken aback after hearing about how Roberta felt. During her confessional, Danielle spoke about how Roberta had initially told them that she was fine with them dating another woman.

After talking things out and solving the ongoing issue, Danielle, Roberta and Garrick headed back to where they were staying. The next day, the Seeking Sister Wife stars broke the news to Roberta about her plane tickets to the US. They had booked it for her, and she had four weeks to move there to start a new life with them.

The couple wanted to make sure that Roberta was serious and comfortable with moving to the US and that she had no regrets. Roberta assured them that she was ready.

During her confessional, Roberta shared:

"I am very excited. But, on the other hand, I have to say goodbye for a long time. So my heart is very hurt."

She told the couple that it was a difficult moment for her as she had to bid goodbye to her mother. Roberta added that despite that, she was happy to move to the US because she had been waiting to move in with them for a long time.

Fans predict that Roberta will not move to the US in Seeking Sister Wife

Taking to Twitter, fans trolled Danielle and Garrick, claiming that Roberta would ultimately not move to the US. Netizens speculated over various reasons for this, with some adding that she wouldn't want to leave her mother, while others saying that she wasn't interested in their lifestyle.

Seeking Sister Wife airs every Monday night at 10 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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