"PREACH GIRL": Fans stan Steve's daughter as she calls him out for his lifestyle in Seeking Sister Wife

Brenda, Steve, Jayden (Image via TLC and Instagram/@drmrfoleyinfluencer)
Brenda, Steve, Jayden (Image via TLC and Instagram/@drmrfoleyinfluencer)

TLC's Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 returned for an all-new episode on Monday night and needless to say, the drama was consistent.

This week, Brenda and Steve arrived in Dallas to spend more time with Steve's kids. Little did he know that he was about to be lectured by his own daughter. Viewers who witnessed Jayden standup to her dad praised her, claiming she said what they had been thinking all along.

Episode 5 of Seeking Sister Wife primarily revolved around Brenda, Steve and his 16-year-old daughter, Jayden. Apart from wanting to spend time with his kids, Steve decided to bring Brenda to Dallas so that she would get a break from April. While things seemed to be going fine at the start when they went horse riding with the kids, drama erupted over dinner.

Why did Jayden call out her father in the latest episode of Seeking Sister Wife?

In the episode, while preparing dinner, Steve opened up and told the kids that he had some news to share. He said:

"Since we're all together here, I wanted to let you guys know that Brenda and I have started looking for somebody to add to the family. It's you know, something like we had talked about before, and we haven't talked about it for a while. And we decided now was a good time to start the process again."

After Steve revealed the information to the kids, Brenda asked them if they had any thoughts, concerns or questions. Preston asked his father if the new woman would be his lover and Brenda's friend. The Seeking Sister Wife star shared that it was one way to put it.

When Brenda shared that she was looking for someone like a best friend or sister, Jayden immediately retaliated against her and asked why she couldn't just get a friend instead. Though they were taken aback by her response, Steve shared that there was a difference between the two things.

In response, Jayden snapped back again and asked her father if he would agree to Brenda bringing in another husband or boyfriend in the family. When Steve asked Brenda if that was what she wanted, the Seeking Sister Wife star shared that it wasn't.

Continuing to call her father out, Jayden said:

"Is that not comfortable, if your parents when you're like 16, came to you and said 'Hey, i'm gonna get another girlfriend'. It's like an uncomfortable situation to be in. Cause it's weird, for your parents to date multiple people. Cause I think when you become a parent, those kinds of relationships and activities should not be a thing."

Adding to that, Jayden emphasised that this should've been a decision Steve had thought of before he had two kids. She also shared that he could divorce Brenda and get another girlfriend if he wanted to, and ended by saying that she found her father's lifestyle disgusting.

Fans who watched the episode took to social media to stand by Jayden for her thoughts on her father's lifestyle.

Fans laud Jayden for standing up against her father in Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, Episode 5

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that they agreed with Jayden. Some also added that the 16-year-old had said exactly what they had been thinking about all along.

Seeking Sister Wife airs every Monday night at 10 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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