"Good job Lea": Seeking Sister Wife fans applaud Lea for deciding not to be a sister wife

Lea choses not to be a sister wife for the Merrifields (Images via TLC and leapop_91/ Instagram)
Lea choses not to be a sister wife for the Merrifields (Images via TLC and leapop_91/ Instagram)

Tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, Danielle and Garrick packed their items in the camper to shift into their new home. They spoke about Lea deciding not to be their sister-wife and seemed very tense about the whole ordeal.

Danielle began to cry about the whole experience, but Seeking Sister Wife fans were happy that Lea decided to opt out of the relationship and felt that she deserved better.

Lea is an independent single mother who was raised in a ‘plural’ family. Professionally, she is a nurse. Danielle and Garrick thought Lea was the perfect potential sister-wife and had visited her in California where she lived.

Seeking Sister Wife fans praise Lea as she drops the prospects of joining the Merrifields

Lea felt that Garrick’s expectations of a wife were way too homely for her. She said that she did not have a choice in the relationship and felt that it was always supposed to be "Garrick’s way or the highway." Their third sister-wife Roberta was very happy with Lea’s decision.

Garrick and Danielle, however, were upset and talked about the struggles of finding a sister-wife. The couple then shifted their focus from Lea to Roberta, who had still not picked up her passport and visa from the office.

Seeking Sister Wife fans applauded Lea's decision to drop the polygamous relationship with the Merrifields and said that she could find a better man than Garrick.

A recap of Seeking Sister Wife Episode 5

April and Jennifer took Danielle out on lunch to get to know her better. They were happy to see that Danielle was not jealous of the two ladies. Danielle revealed that she lived alone and thought that it would be an issue to sleep together in the same bed with three other adults.

The Foleys traveled to Texas to visit Steve’s children, who he shared with his ex-wife. It was later revealed that his ex-wife left him after he thought of making Brenda her sister wife. His daughter Jayden told her father that his relationship was disgusting and that he should divorce his wife if he wanted to have another girlfriend.

Taryn asked her husband Marcus not to reveal anything about him sleeping with their potential sister Bina. India, however, wanted to know each and every detail about his romantic life. Bina thought that India was very possessive of Marcus.

The episode description reads:

"The Davises take Danielle on a weekend trip to see how she gels with the group. The Foleys tell Steve's kids about April. Sidian Jones visits Arielle in the Philippines, while India Epps faces criticism about her lifestyle on her birthday."

Tosha gave Sidian the green light to sleep with Arielle on his trip to the Philippines. Nick and Danielle discussed the possibility of having even more sister wives in the future.

Seeking Sister Wife follows the daily lives of polygamous couples and explores their journey of finding new sister wives. The show airs every Monday on TLC at 10 pm ET.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal
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