"She's been my rock": KSI praises his girlfriend for supporting him through his beef with his brother, Deji

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

YouTuber Olajide "KSI" Olatunji was the latest guest on the Impaulsive podcast. Podcast host Logan Paul and the British YouTuber have been beefing since their boxing match in August 2018. It seems that the two have put the matter to rest after teaming up for the KSI Show, which took place on July 17.

The unexpected guest on the podcast show spoke in detail about the feud between him and his brother Deji, a fellow YouTuber. What started with Deji accusing KSI of being a toxic brother ended with Deji kicking him out of the family home and eventually making a diss track.

Currently, there seems to be less tension between the two. KSI wished his brother well on Instagram for his birthday, and Deji also congratulated KSI after his win against Logan Paul.

What did KSI have to say about the family feud?

During the podcast, Logan Paul applauded the 28-year-old for keeping sensitive matters private. Paul was referring to the feud between KSI and his brother Deji. Responding to Logan’s remarks about privacy, KSI said:

“Exactly, that’s why the whole Deji situation really f**ked me because this is what was meant to be private. It happened in Christmas and Deji was making videos on me saying things like he hates me for some reason like I was trying to call him and talk about it and tell him bro let’s keep it private."

The fight between the brothers continued for months while the two made videos explaining their parts of the situation. KSI continued:

“A lot of people go like we've done this all for views, I wish it was for views man. I’ve cried so many f**king times. My girlfriend has been there with me the whole time and just helped me tremendously, like she’s been my rock, like even the boys like Simon they’ve helped me so much during that whole situation because it’s meant to be private.”

KSI also explained how he does not put his parents on his YouTube channel anymore because he has “matured” and wants to keep his family private. He also spoke about how ruthless the entertainment industry was and how detrimental it could be if his family were part of it.

The YouTuber also expressed how disappointed he was in his brother for taking matters online instead of speaking about it privately.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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