Who won KSI vs Logan Paul 1 & 2?

KSI VS. Logan Paul 2
KSI VS. Logan Paul 2

KSI and Logan Paul's fights were the start of celebrity boxing events that have gripped the sport. The British YouTuber eventually came out on top. Their first fight was a majority draw, but KSI defeated Logan Paul in the second bout via split decision.

Their first contest was one of the most significant events in internet history as Logan Paul and KSI capitalized on an untapped market. KSI had already fought another British YouTuber, Joe Weller, but this was Paul's debut as a boxer.

The fight had 21,000 fans in attendance and generated a total of 1.3 million pay-per-view buys worldwide. The Manchester crowd booed when the judges' scorecards were announced after their first fight went the distance. One judge scored the fight 58-57 for KSI, while the other two called it 57-57 to make it a majority draw.

However, this allowed KSI and Logan Paul to fight again. There was still a lot of animosity between the two, and the second fight took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on November 9th, 2019.

The fight went the distance this time around as well. However, KSI's performance left little doubt in the fans' minds that he had won. In the end, a two-point deduction was the talking point as the referee penalized Paul for hitting KSI in the back of the head in the fourth round.

The final scorecards were extremely close; the fight was scored 56-55, 57-54, and 55-56 in favor of KSI.

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KSI and Logan Paul collaborate in several YouTube videos together

18 months down the line, both have buried the hatchet and recently collaborated on several videos together. Paul made an appearance on The KSI Show and also took part in the "Sidemen Sunday" video where KSI and Logan Paul go fishing along with KSI's group of YouTubers, the Sidemen.

In turn, KSI appeared on Logan Paul's podcast, Impaulsive, and participated in one of the most-watched episodes of the podcast. They have come a long way from making diss tracks against each other, and their fans are not complaining.

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