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Logan Paul is one of the biggest online celebrities today. Through the content he’s created on Vine and YouTube, he’s become a household name all over the world, especially in the US. The content creator-turned-vlogger-turned professional boxer has spent years on top of the online charts, raking in both views and massive earnings through his antics and videos.

Logan Paul Dating Life

With all that fame and wealth comes not only success, but also intrigue. In addition to the Lo-gang (Paul’s nickname for his subscribers) there are also quite a few women interested in the Maverick. After all, being a famous self made multi-millionaire at the age 25 is something the ladies find quite attractive about the YouTube sensation.

Logan Paul's Girlfriends: Who has he dated so far?

Logan Paul has had his fair share of girlfriends and flings over the years. And although it might be a little difficult to tell who he dated versus who he pretended to date for views, the list contains all his suspected relationships:

Josie Canseco

Logan Paul's Girlfriend Josie Canseco


Daughter of MLB superstar Jose Canseco, Josie has been dating Paul since may 2020. The pair even quarantined together. They are still dating, and have completed a year together.

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Corinna Kopf

Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend Corrina Kopf

Source: The Sun

Kopf is a fellow American YouTuber and vlogger. She dated Logan for a month, between January and February 2019.

Chloe Bennet

Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend Chloe Bennet

Source: Teen Vogue

A popular actress who starred in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Paul and Bennet dated between July and October 2018.

Olga Safari

Jake Paul Ex-Girlfriend Olga Safari

Source: Twitter

Logan Paul and actress/model Olga safari had a brief relationship between November 2017 and sometime in early 2018.

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Chantel Jeffries

Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend Chantel Jeffries

Source: The Mirror

It is rumoured that Paul and actress Chantel Jeffries hooked up in November 2017.

Lydia Kenney

Loga Paul Ex-Girlfriend Lydia Kenney


Paul and Kenney hooked up in August 2017.

Alissa Violet

Logan Paul Girlfriend Alissa Violet

Source: Pinterest

Definitely the messiest of his relationships, it’s unknown exactly what the relationship between these two was. Alissa is an ex member of Jake Paul’s team 10. She dated Jake for around a year, between 2016 and 2017. However, she broke up with him and was kicked out of team 10 in 2017. After that, she’s rumored to have had a fling with Logan Paul, around the time he dropped his diss track on Jake. These rumors are unconfirmed.

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Ayla Woodruff

Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend Ayla Woodruff

Source: Pinterest

Ayla and Paul reportedly hooked up in 2017.

Teala Dunn

Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend Teala Dunn


American Actress/YouTuber Teala Dunn was rumoured to be hooking up with Logan in 2016.

Amanda Cerny

Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Cerney


Logan Paul and Social Media personality Amanda Cerny briefly dated in 2016.

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Jessica Serfaty

Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend Jessica Serfaty

Source: Twitter

Logan Paul Dated Actress Jessica Serfaty between 2014 and 2016.

Amymarie Gaertner

Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend Amymarie Gaertner

Source: Instagram

Logan Paul has been rumored to have hooked up with Amymarie Gaertner.

While the personal details of Logan’s relationships, and in some cases the existence of the relationship itself is unknown, it’s obvious that Logan Paul has dated quite a few women over the years. While it’s unknown how long his current relationship with Josie Canseco will last, it’s been a year and the pair is still going strong.

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Last Updated: July 21, 2021

"Sorry that your girlfriends like me more": Bryce Hall clarifies tweet after Logan Paul reacts to TikToker's kissing video with Josie Canseco

"Sorry that your girlfriends like me more": Bryce Hall clarifies tweet after Logan Paul reacts to TikToker's kissing video with Josie Canseco

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