"Sheree don’t pay": Fans anticipate that the RHOA star might not have paid for her fashion line

Sheree (Image via Instagram/@shereewhitfield)
Sheree (Image via Instagram/@shereewhitfield)

RHOA aired its season finale on Sunday, September 4, 2022. Like every other episode in the series, this one too was replete with drama and had viewers hooked from the start.

But what caught fans' attention more was that despite having just one day left for her fashion show, Sheree had nothing ready for it. They speculated that this mess happened because Sheree had not paid for her pieces for the show.

Sheree don’t pay. That’s why she has no pieces. #RHOA

With little time left, Sheree was seen scrambling to get things done so that her fashion show would not end up being a flop. The RHOA star tried getting on calls in order to figure out if she would be able to get the clothes for her fashion show on time.

Fans who witnessed the RHOA star rant to her fellow castmates, predicted that Sheree might not have paid the seamstress for her line. These predictions arose after Drew revealed that Sheree owed others money as well.

Drew claimed Sheree didn't pay her for the birthday party she threw for Marlo and Kenya in RHOA Season 17 finale

Who’s gon’ shade us, boo?! 🍑 Drop a comment if you can define all these shady dictionary terms! 👇 #RHOA

Episode 17, titled A Fashion Show With Fashions, featured Sheree pulling out all the stops to make her fashion show a success.

While the RHOA star was busy trying to get things sorted for the release of her athletic fashion line, She by Sheree, she ran into a roadblock when she received news that no more than five pieces from her line were ready for the ramp.

Meanwhile, Drew, Sanya, and Kandy went to support Kenya at the launch of her healthcare line. While they were at the store, they received a call from Sheree. During their call, when Kenya enquired Sheree about her preparations for the fashion show, the latter told them about the hurdle she was facing.

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After the call with her, Drew told the ladies that she hoped Sheree had paid for her clothes. She then revealed that the latter had not yet paid her the money she owed her for Kenya and Marlo's birthday party. Drew also added that they were a few hundred dollars but Sheree still hadn't paid her.

This wasn't the first time that Sheree was accused of not paying people what she owed them. When the series first premiered with Season 14, Sheree had faced accusations of failing to pay her assistant. She also supposedly owed money to many others.

Us whenever we are expected to be the “bigger person” #RHOA

After witnessing the alleged rumors and upon hearing Drew claim that Sheree hadn't paid her, fans on social media speculated that Sheree had probably not paid her seamstress either.

Fans predict that Sheree didn't pay for her fashion line, thereby causing the delay in RHOA

Taking to Twitter, fans wondered how Sheree was financing her show and speculated that she might not have paid the seamstress for her clothes.

I have so many questions about Sheree. How is she financing everything? Did she pay for the clothes? Is that why they are late? I want an itemized list of what she spent $1M on. #RHOA
Did Sheree pay the man making her fashion? Maybe that's why he's moving slow. #RHOA @BravoTV
I think Sharee is not good at making financial decisions/prioritize things and it comes off that she doesn’t pay people. She need to hire the right people. #RHOA
I'm starting to think that the rumors about Sheree not liking to pay seriously. The math aint mathing on these "pieces". #RHOA
Is Sheree a one woman business? No assistant to help. Who are her investors? She had a million dollars to spend but didn't pay Drew🤔#RHOA
I bet you Sheree didn’t pay that contractor #RHOA
Bcoz Sheree is cheap as fuck and didn’t want to pay so people giving her what she gives #RHOA
Lmfaoooooooo sheree don’t like to pay #RHOA
Sheree definitely don’t pay … she didn’t want to pay for real models #RHOA
@RHOATL I'm Hollering 😂😂😂. @DREWSIDORA said @IamSheree don't like to pay for parties at @kenyamoore @cvspharmacy launch of her hair care line. I'm DONE 😂😂. @YMcTier #DrewSidora #CVS #haircare #party #money #BravoTv #RHOA

Although RHOA aired its finale this week, the season will return next Sunday night at 8 pm ET for its reunion only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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