"Sheree is a fraud": Why are RHOA fans slamming Sheree in Season 14 Reunion? 

Sheree (Image via Instagram/@shereewhitfield)
Sheree (Image via Instagram/@shereewhitfield)

Bravo's RHOA returned for an all-new episode on Sunday, September 11, 2022. Titled Reunion Part 1, Episode 18 of RHOA upped the ante with intense confrontations and truth bombs that fans didn't expect.

Ever since the series premiered with Season 14, the topic of Sheree not paying the people who work for her has often been brought to light. Even during the season finale of RHOA, Drew Sidora opened up about how Sheree hadn't paid her for the surprise party they threw for Marlo and Kenya.

Now, back again during Sunday night's reunion, a fan asked Sheree if the rumors of her not paying her bill were true. When Sheree responded by saying that she only paid people if she liked their work, fans on social media slammed the reality TV star.

Sheree is a fraud , in every way #RHOA

Read on to learn more about what happened during the reunion episode of RHOA Season 14.

RHOA Reunion: Sheree admits to not paying people if she didn't like their service

During the reunion episode, when Sheree was asked whether her projects were delayed because the rumors of her not paying people were true, she replied by saying:

"Because greatness takes time. I work at my own pace. I don't have to rush, I don't have to prove anything to anyone. My main focus are my kids, and my family. I'm not on anybody's timeline."

Andy was quick to counter Sheree with another question. He asked the RHOA star if her family was the cause behind her not paying people. But in response, Sheree quipped that she paid everybody that needed to be paid. At this point, Drew jumped in and pointed out that Sheree was yet to pay her for the birthday party.

When Andy asked Sheree what she meant by paying only those people who needed to be paid, the RHOA star said that only paid people if she was satisfied with their work. She added:

"It depends on what it is. Say for instance, we all got these dresses made. Marlo made a comment last night. You said, 'I'm not paying her the rest.' I said, 'So, it makes sense when you say somebody did some work for you, but they did a horrible job'."

Kenya didn't like Sheree's statement. She told Sheree:

"If you're not satisfied, it doesn't absolve you from paying people though. So, when you contract some for services, if you're not satisfied with those services, It doesn't absolve you from paything them. So you just pay them and just don't use them again."

Fans didn't like Sheree claiming that she only paid people if she felt like they needed it. Many viewers took to social media to share their opinions on her statement.

Fans condemn Sheree and deem her a "fraud"

Taking to Twitter, many fans called Sheree "a fraud" for not paying the people she owed money to. A few added that she was delusional and claimed that she "can't math."

Check out some of the reactions below:

Sheree is such a damn fraud im sorry #RHOA
Sheree is a fraud , in every way #RHOA
I’m so speechless of Sheree saying she doesn’t pay people she don’t want to like wtf sheree…. #rhoa
Can someone keep that clip of Sheree trying to justify not paying people?? Cause them courts and creditors will find thee very interesting 👀#rhoa
Kenya trying to explain to Sheree how to pay her bills…..that’s math Sheree can’t math #rhoa #rhoareunion
Sheree admitting to being a cheapskate haha 😂 #RHOA
So, according to Sheree - as long as you “aren’t satisfied” with the service, you don’t have to pay the bill. She seems to have a reputation for not being satisfied a lot. Heads up Atlanta vendors! Get that check up front. #RHOA
Whew Sheree admits that she doesn't pay ppl. Kenya had to explain that you still should and just don't use them (I'll add or refer them) WTF🤔 #RHOA #RHOAReunion
Wow Sheree lowkey admitting she don’t always pay folk lol #RHOA
Shereé is delusional #rhoa
Sheree has always been delusional #RHOA
Sheree is truly delusional as hell #RHOA

RHOA will return next Sunday night at 8 pm ET for part 2 of its reunion only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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