“Sold out King”: BTS’ SUGA’s “Agust D D-Day” Tour becomes the highest-grossing tour by a K-pop Soloist in the US with 155k attendees

BTS' SUGA's solo tour is the highest grossing world tour by a Korean soloist (Image via Twitter/@gayestbts)

BTS’ SUGA is currently on a solo tour titled “Agust D D-Day” Tour and just finished the U.S. leg of the World Tour, which started a week after he released his debut solo album on April 21st. The Haegeum singer commenced his solo world tour at the USB Arena in New York City on April 26 and performed in 11 shows across five different cities between April 26 and May 17.

Although he has already returned to Korea, he has left an indelible impact by becoming the highest-grossing tour by a K-pop soloist in America with 155K attendees. According to @touringdata, a Twitter account dedicated to calculating an artist’s revenue from concerts, BTS’ SUGA has set multiple records with his debut solo world tour and was crowned as the first K-pop soloist with the highest-grossing concert in the U.S., all this with his first two concerts at the USB Arena only.

The Haegeum singer earned $2.970 million each night at UBS Arena in New York City.

ARMYs are proud of BTS’ SUGA’s achievement and took to social media to praise him. “Sold out King”, @jooniestokyo wrote in response to his incredible achievement.

BTS’ SUGA has unlocked multiple milestones as a K-pop soloist with “Agust D D-Day” tour

Additionally, BTS’ SUGA became the highest-grossing tour by any Asian act in the history of the U.S., generating a whopping revenue of $30.2 million dollars through his 11 shows. Also, his solo world tour is the fourth-highest-selling tour, bested only by his own group BTS and BLACKPINK. BTS’ "Love: Speak Yourself" garnered $70.7 million for 18 shows and took the first spot on the list, followed by the septet’s "Permission to Dance concerts," which grossed $69.3 million for 8 shows and took the second spot.

BLACKPINK’s "BORN PINK World Tour" earned $45.5 million with its 12/17 shows (U.S. and Europe shows), and finally, the Haegeum hitmaker amassed a staggering $30.2 million with only 11 American shows and is yet to tour Asia. Finally, the Agust D rapper made history by becoming the first rapper to earn over $3 million from a single arena concert in the U.S. His three shows in Los Angeles amassed $3.164 million per night.

ARMYs took to social media to lavish praise on BTS’ SUGA.

Previously, on his show Suchwita, leader RM expressed his gratitude towards BTS’ SUGA for embarking upon a solo world tour on behalf of the septet so that fans don’t miss them and can cherish a BTS concert experience at least via one of the seven members. The Haegeum singer admitted to feeling pressured to entertain and live up to ARMYs expectations, but RM assured him that he is confident that SUGA will do well and surpass everyone’s expectations.

Additionally, RM hopes that when SUGA completes his world tour, he can guide the other members with his expertise and experience as well. Notably, this is BTS’ first set of concerts in the U.S. after the "Permission to Dance" shows in America.

BTS’ SUGA sets a new record on Billboard 200 for the fourth week

It’s been more than a month since BTS’ SUGA released his debut solo album, D-DAY, and its been ranking high on the Billboard charts. On May 23, the Billboard 200 chart revealed that D-DAY has charted for four consecutive weeks at the 51st rank and has achieved the highest ranking of any Korean solo album in its fourth week.

Additionally, SUGA’s debut solo album secured a spot at number 3 on Billboard’s World Album charts, in eighth place for the Top Current Album, ninth for the Top Album Sales, and 13th place for the Top Rap Album.

The title track Haegeum is ranked at number 6 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, and finally, the talented rapper charted at 36th place on Artist 100 under his alternate stage name, Agust D.

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