Squid Game actor Wi Ha-joon says he fears the game might turn into reality if “wealth gap of our society persist or intensify”

A promo still of Wi Ha-joon (Image via Netflix)
A promo still of Wi Ha-joon (Image via Netflix)
Paige Greene

Squid Game is a brutal show about poor people drowning in debt taking part in a survival game for prize money of 45.6 million Korean won. One of the show's actors -- Wi Ha-joon -- who played the role of detective Hwang Jun-ho spoke about the game and if people will play it in reality.

The show was brutal as it used traditional Korean games for children to pit one desperate person against another. The goal of everyone who took part in the game was to win the prize money. The competition within the participants increased manifold when they realized that the prize money increased every time someone lost a game.

Meaning, every time someone was shot dead for losing a game, the money that was. Kept aside for the winner of the game increased. Would people in real life take part in a show as terrifying as this? Actor Wi Ha-joon answered this question in an interview with The Sun.

Wi Ha-joon believes that the brutal fictional show Squid Game can become reality and fears it too

Wi Ha-joon spoke of Squid Game in real life and said, "If the extreme competition and wealth gap of our society persists or intensifies, I think it might become a reality to varying degrees."

He added,

"But I certainly hope it never happens and I don’t think it should. It’s a captivating series where a social satire about class conflict, the wealth gap and the depths of human nature is presented in a survival genre that forces the characters into ruthless competition for a massive cash prize and their lives."

He also spoke about the popularity of the Squid Game worldwide and said,

"It has a refreshing premise that uses traditional Korean games as part of a shocking murder game. And while it captures the greed and true nature of various people at a crossroads to make choices, it also presents moving human narratives of individual characters that resonate with the viewers."

He felt this was the reason why the Squid Game became successful and said,

"That’s why I think so many people can relate to the story and immerse themselves in the series.”

Detective Hwang Jun-ho penetrated the grounds where the game was played in Squid Game undercover with the intent of finding his missing brother. One of the show's biggest twists is connected to the detective, and fans enjoyed the scene of revelation a lot.

A promo still of the cast members of Squid Game (Image via Netflix)
A promo still of the cast members of Squid Game (Image via Netflix)

There are also fan theories that suggest that Wi Ha-joon's character, along with that of the Frontman in the show, may take the lead role if the show were to be renewed for a second season. As of now, the director and writer of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk, is unsure of a follow-up season. He revealed in various interviews the hardships he faced for years before the show received the green light on Netflix.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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