Squid Game voice cast: All about the English dubbing artists behind the Netflix hit [Spoiler warning]

Watched Squid Game using English dubs? Here's a list of the incredible voice artists involved (Image via Netflix)
Watched Squid Game using English dubs? Here's a list of the incredible voice artists involved (Image via Netflix)

Squid Game's meteoric rise to success has unleashed an intense debate over subs vs dubs, with even director Taika Waititi chiming in. While this debate has no clear answer, the voice actors for Squid Game have done a commendable job at accurately portraying the emotions shown on screen.

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk's magnum opus, Squid Game, which had been in the works since 2008, has revolutionized the world of entertainment. Having been subtitled in 31 languages and dubbed in over 10, the dystopic survival game reached Netflix's No. 1 spot in over 90 countries.

@TaikaWaititi But you can! Incredible AAPI Casting and some talented voice artists as leads, including the incomparable Greg Chun (Judgement series, Ghost of Tsushima, and Yakuza series... to name a few)

Edward Hong, who voiced the pastor, Player 244, said in an interview,

“Korean actors, even if not fluent, can call out something if it’s not right. The way Korean religious people, especially pastors, talk is a very specific way of talking. That’s something I knew all too well from being stuck in those Korean church services as a kid.”

Meet Squid Game's talented English-dubbing cast

1) Seong Gi-hun- Greg Chun

The fan-favourite protagonist of Squid Game, Gi-hun, has been voiced by veteran voice-over artist Greg Chun. Apart from Squid Game, Chun has played a pivotal role in several other productions, including the iconic Takayuki Yagami, in the 2018 film Judgment. According to several critics, Chun, of Korean descent, made a more memorable performance than Takuya Kimura.

Greg Chun also voiced Ryōji Kaji in the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. Chun has also long been a collaborator with The Lonely Island.

2) Cho Sang-woo- Stephen Fu

The morally ambiguous Sang-woo's English dubbing was done with aplomb by Stephen Fu. The voice-over artist has dubbed over 50 animes in English, including Black Clover and Attack on Titan. Fu has also dubbed several K-Dramas like Love Alarm and the critically acclaimed military drama D.P.

Many viewers of the show have praised how Stephen Fu's voice-over accurately portrayed the complicated character.

@GlamourMagUK It’s amazing bc of the actors in it. Tom Choi!!! Stephen Fu!!! The beautiful Gong Yoo! It was a good movie. I did predict a few important moments but I have a weird talent for that sort of thing.

3) Jang Deok-su- Paul Nakauchi

Known for voicing Hanzo Shimada in Overwatch, Paul Nakauchi lent his voice to the gangster Deok-su in Squid Game.

Nakauchi, apart from being a voice artist, has also made appearances in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and ER. Apart from television and cinema, Nakauchi has also voiced several video games, including Diablo III, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

4) Oh Il-Nam- Hideo Kimura

The old man, who was hiding a devastating secret, was voiced by Hideo Kimura in the English dub. Kimura is known for his work in 47 Ronin, Deadpool 2 and the 2017 film Ghost in the Shell, which starred Scarlett Johanson. Kimura's portrayal of Oh Il-nam, according to most viewers of Squid Game, was perfect, preserving the authenticity of the role even in translation.

After binge-watching #SquidGame🦑this morning,I have to say this show is a banger. Sometimes easy to guess plot twists but at other times really good and deep once. The music and the story are insane. Hideo Kimura as Oh Il-Nam was a legendary and perfect voice cast.#IfUKnowUKnow

5) Kang Sae-Byeok- Vivian Lu

Everyone's favourite North Korean defector was voiced by Vivian Lu, who is known for her work in the video game Genshin Impact. The voice actor currently works for Bang Zoom! Entertainment. A relatively new face, or voice, in the industry, Lu has lent her voice to Love Alarm and Nowhere Man.

English dub cast for Netflix's South Korean drama Squid Game dubbed by @_TheVSIGroup, voice directed by Madeliene Heil and starring @gregchunva, @That_Fu, @PaulNakauchi1, @StephanieKomure, @briankimva, @ryancoltlevy, Vivian Lu and Tom Choi.

6) Abdul Ali- Rama Vallury

Arguably, one of the most heartbreaking endings in the Squid Game was that of the Pakistani immigrant, Abdul Ali. LA actor Rama Vallury provided the English voice-over for this character. A man of many talents, Vallury is a part of the music and comedy duo Vallery and Butler.

Having been active in the voice-over scene since 2011, Rama Vallury's most notable gigs, other than Squid Game, include Baby Shark's Big Show and Mira: Royal Detective. His longest job was as Caillou in AOK. Vallury is a talented voice artist, and as his Instagram proves, he can imitate several accents, from Midwest US to India.

7) Frontman- Tom Choi

The mysterious masked figure of the Front Man has been voiced in English by Tom Choi. The Korean-American actor is best known for his role as Ken Yukimura in the hit show Teen Wolf. Choi has also done voice work for the Mortal Kombat video games.

Besides voice acting, Tom Choi is also a director, writer and producer, having written and starred in the award-winning short: Lone Hunter.

8) Ji-Yeong- Yuuki Luna

The much loved Ji-Yeong was voiced by Yuuki Luna, who, apart from being a voice actor, has also made multiple appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! The young artist portrayed the role of Widow in the 2021 film Black Widow. Luna also made an appearance on the TV show WandaVision.

Despite the dubbing naysayers, the Squid Games' English voice-over team boasts an impressive cast, almost all of them of Korean or Asian descent. The presence of native and AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islanders) members on the team ensured that the translations remained authentic to the Korean experience.

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