"Steve Buscemi wins Halloween": Actor recreates iconic 'How do you do, fellow kids' meme, wins over the internet 

Buscemi dressed up as Detective Lenny Wosniak from 30 Rock (Image via mikeshza/ Twitter, DebraWexler_/Twitter, and NBC)
Buscemi dressed up as Detective Lenny Wosniak from 30 Rock (Image via mikeshza/ Twitter, DebraWexler_/Twitter, and NBC)

Within the span of two months, actor Steve Buscemi has again won over fans on the internet with his Halloween look. Buscemi was snapped by fans in Brooklyn as he distributed candy to young children, while mimicking his iconic look from 30 Rock.

Buscemi recreated his evergreen 'How do you do, fellow kids' meme with a similar red cap, red hoodie, and the same grey "Music Band" T-shirt. According to several fans who snapped pics of the 63-year old actor, Buscemi was greeting children who went Trick-or-treating at his Park Slope, Brooklyn home.


In September, the Fargo star went viral as pictures were released from his firefighting days, along with stories. They spoke of his contribution to rescue individuals on 9/11.

When the two planes hit both World Trade Center towers, Buscemi, who was a firefighter in New York for four years till 1984, volunteered in the rescue efforts with his old firehouse.

Origins of Steve Buscemi's 'How do you do, fellow kids' meme


The meme originated from the eighth episode in season six of popular sitcom 30 Rock, titled "The Tuxedo Begins," and aired on February 16, 2012. In the episode, Steve plays a hilarious private investigator, Lenny Wosniak.

While being hired as a strikebreaker, Lenny takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about when he went undercover in high school. The scene seemingly mocks the TV series 21 Jump Street, which had a similar premise.

Lenny is seen greeting a few students at the school while trying to blend in with his aforementioned attire and a skateboard. He then utters the iconic words to the students,

"How do you do, fellow kids?"

The phrase has become synonymous in the meme culture to showcase a generational gap between millennials and Gen-Z. It is also used to portray one's attempt to appeal to members of a particular pop-culture segment or clique.

Twitter reacts to Buscemi's attempt at dressing up as his own meme-fied character on Halloween

Several people admired Steve for dressing up as his own meme and dubbed it to be the best 'celeb Halloween.'

No more calls. No more tricks. No more treats.We have the international, unanimous Halloween 2021 winner and it’s Steve Buscemi as…Steve Buscemi #HowDoYouDoFellowKids
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Steve Buscemi is a god amongst men and when you ask me who the best living actor is the ONLY competition this absolute GOAT has is Alan Alda…
In a world where you can be Steve Buscemi, be Steve Buscemi every freakin’ day.…
omg did Steve Buscemi cosplay himself!?!? What a timeline!!!
Steve Buscemi dressing as his own character to hand out candy is OUTSTANDING HALLOWEENING, five stars.…
Steve Buscemi just won Halloween. Everyone else just burn your costumes, shut down your parties, and bow to Buscemi.
Steve Buscemi dressing up as his own meme is *chef’s kiss*
If ya don’t love Steve Buscemi we can’t be friends...…

Celebrities are known for their hilarious attempts at Halloween costumes. However, Buscemi has been one of the only few who have excelled at it by portraying their own memes through their looks.

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