Stray Kids’ MAXIDENT tracklist: A 3RACHA track, unit songs, and more

JYP Entertainment releases tracklist for Stray Kids
JYP Entertainment releases tracklist for Stray Kids' MAXIDENT (Images via JYP Entertainment)

On September 13, the self-producing group Stray Kids’ released the tracklist for their upcoming mini-album, MAXIDENT. The tracklist was once again filled with mentions of 3RACHA, a subunit of Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN, who serve as in-house lyricists, producers, and composers.

The announcement of the eight-track album came as a surprise drop a few weeks ago. As fans scrambled for pre-orders, JYP Entertainment released MAXIDENT’s tracklist, further fueling enthusiasm.

As is the signature move of Stray Kids, the upcoming album contains unit songs. However, it is a never-seen-before pairing. The first unit is 3RACHA, the second unit is made up of Hyunjin, Felix, and Lee Know (known as the DanceRacha), and the third unit includes Seungmin and I.N (called the VocalRacha).

Stray Kids’ colorful MAXIDENT tracklist has fans excited, sets high expectations

The mini-album, MAXIDENT, released its eight-song tracklist on September 13. The tracklist’s visuals give fans a hint of what the fandom can expect as the album’s concept too. The album includes

  1. Case 143 (title track)
  2. 식혀 (CHILL)
  3. Give Me Your TMI
  5. 3RACHA
  6. TASTE
  7. 나 너 좋아하나봐 (Can’t Stop)
  8. CIRCUS (Korean version).

Each song on the tracklist has elicited a great response. The presence of 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN) was sprinkled throughout the eight songs, except VocalRacha’s Can’t Stop. Written and composed by Seungmin, I.N, and Hong Ji-sang, Can’t Stop is among the top songs that fans are looking forward to.

Another song up on the most-awaited list is one of HAN’s self-composed songs. These songs have always been a treat to the ears of the STAY fandom, and MAXIDENT delivers with 식혀 (CHILL), a song written by HAN and composed by him and leader Bang Chan.

The title track Case 143, 3RACHA, and TASTE by DanceRacha are also tough contenders for songs that fans are looking forward to the most. Case 143 is currently trending on Twitter as well.

Hints of some theories about the Stray Kids universe are also evident in the design of the tracklist. Some fans have already brought out their inner Sherlock to connect the dots. Crime scene tapes across the tracklist, withered flowers with tags, footprints, broken heart pieces, and other little elements help fans with the theories.

MAXIDENT's trailer caught the Stray Kids fandom off guard, showcasing an impressive twist from its emo-punk vibe. Expectations for the album were already high, corroborating the numbers that fans pulled up for the first day of pre-order sales.


On KTown4u alone, the album reached 80.1k pre-orders by the fourth day. Their previous release, ODDINARY sits at 96.4k orders since its release in March this year. STAYs pulled off more than half of the total ODDINARY numbers across six months in just four days with MAXIDENT.

It will be interesting to see Stray Kids’ growth when they return with MAXIDENT on October 7, 2022.

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