Aussie boys Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Felix and ENHYPEN’s Jake spend Chuseok together

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Stray Kids' Bang Chan, Felix and ENHYPEN's Jake celebrate Chuseok together (Image via Twitter/@SJKFEED)

Aussie boys Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Felix and ENHYPEN’s Jake recently hung out with Australian-Korean entertainer and variety show hitmaker Sam Hammington during Chuseok, and multi-stans are delighted to see them together.

Fans are aware that September 10 was a special day for Korea as the country got together to celebrate Chuseok, which can be described as Korean Thanksgiving, with good food, traditional folk games, and time spent with family and friends.

K-pop idols Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Felix and ENHYPEN’s Jake, who are all from Australia, where they spent their childhood before moving to Korea, got together to celebrate the festival with each other, which made their fans happy.

The K-pop idols were joined by fellow Australian comedian Sam Hammington, who is a well-known face in Korea and is married to a Korean woman as well. Sam Hammington shared a picture with the idols on his social media, saying:

“Happy Chuseok with my Aussie mates. I kinda feel like dad and his sons though.”

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Felix and ENHYPEN’s Jake make K-pop multi-stans happy: Check out fan reactions

K-pop multi-stans are delighted to see their favourite idols and Korea’s Aussie boys Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Felix and ENHYPEN’s Jake celebrate Chuseok together. While the idols were away from their families and couldn't fly home to celebrate the special day with their loved ones, they had each other to celebrate Chuseok with, and were also joined by Sam Hammington, who is also a fellow Australian.

Fans took to social media to react to the happy union between the Gen 4 K-pop idols. “The Aussie Line” rocks is what one fan said, while others were happy that they were together on the special festival day.

K-pop fans want to capture and frame the moments shared between Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Felix and ENHYPEN’s Jake in their recent interaction.

Fans are also hoping that the talented Aussie line will feature as guests on "The WilBen" show.

Where are the idols originally from?

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to Sydney, Australia before relocating to Seoul at the age of 13 to train and, eventually, debut with Stray Kids.

Stray Kids’ Felix was born and brought up in Sydney before he moved back to South Korea to pursue his goal of being a K-pop idol.

Similarly, ENHYPEN’s Jake was born in Seoul but grew up in Brisbane, Australia and moved back to Korea to participate in HYBE’s survival show I-LAND from where he debuted as a member of ENHYPEN.


Stray Kids’ leader revealed in a recent live broadcast about his meeting with Jake and described him as an “angel” and revealed he will always look out for him as they are from the same continent. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Felix met ENHYPEN’s Jake at KCON LA earlier this year, and they hit it off instantly. In fact, the Stray Kids’ members even referred to him as their “little Australian Fella,” noting:

“I feel like he could use a buddy or two, so Felix and I, we both got to get along and get friendly [with him].”

ENHYPEN’s Jake has previously met Sam Hammington and hung out with his children William and Bentley, who are quite popular amongst K-pop fans. They have their own show called “The WilBen Show.”

Meanwhile, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan has also met William and Bentley. In fact, Sam Hammington revealed that both his children are STAYs and love the group.


Stray Kids’ Felix and Hyunjin hang out with Dua Lipa

Stray Kids’ Felix and Hyunjin met with the Levitating singer Dua Lipa at French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent’s Libre Le Parfum launch party in Paris for their cosmetic brand YSL Beauty.

The event was attended by some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry, including EXO member Kai.

“Legendary” is what a fan wrote in the comments section of YSL Beauty’s Instagram page.

The Kiss and Make Up singer shared the picture on her own Instagram as well. STAYs are hoping this amazing picture converts into a collab between the two talented artists.

Stray Kids will be making their much awaited comeback on Friday, October 7 with a new album MAXIDENT.

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