Stray Kids' NOEASY: Release date, track list, concept, teasers and posters of upcoming album

A still of Stray Kids members (Image via Instagram/realstraykids)
A still of Stray Kids members (Image via Instagram/realstraykids)

Stray Kids' second album is called NOEASY and is a play on the word Noisy. By the time the title of the album was released, fans had speculated that this was a response from all members of Stray Kids - Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N. - to a section of the public that accused them of making noise and not music.

Release date of Stray Kids' album NOEASY

Stray Kids' second album is set to be released on August 23.

Tracklist for Stray Kids' album NOEASY

The first song to be released from Stray Kids' second album, NOEASY, was Mixtape: Oh. The single also marked the comeback of Stray Kids star Hyunjin, who had taken a break from all work related to the band due to a bullying scandal.

Other songs on the tracklist include Cheese, Thunderous, Domino, Ssick, The View, Sorry I Love You, Silent Cry, Secret Secret, Star Lost, Red Lights, Surfin', Gone Away and Wolf Gang.

Of the above, teasers for a number of songs including Thunderous and Surfin' were released. Concept images for the album were also released in the run up to the release of the album.

Concept of Stray Kids' second album NOEASY

The concept of the album sees the members of Stray Kids take on the role of monster hunters. The monster that they are hunting is one that gains power through noise, and the world has been taken over by this monster. The central concept of the album revolves around the methods by which the members manage to kill the monster and save the world.

The intro to the album was also teased on YouTube by the members of Stray Kids just hours before the release of their second album.

Teasers and concept images of Stray Kids' album NOEASY

Teaser video of CHEESE


Teaser video of Surfin'


Teaser for Red Lights

Teaser of INTRO released by JYP Entertainment


In the video where the members teased the intro of NOEASY, they also spoke about their journey towards the release of their second album.

Stray Kids have finally released new music after a period of 11 months. Before this, the team had appeared on MNet's music show Kingdom: Legendary War. According to Soompi, the album is already considered a personal record-breaker for the band with over 830,000 stock pre-orders. This is twice the number they had received for their debut album.

Before the release of their album, the band had not promoted their work in a widespread manner. However, they did hold a week long celebration for their fans called STAYweeK, to celebrate the occasion of their third anniversary.

Stray Kids members shared a statement, “We recently celebrated our third anniversary with STAY. The reason we haven’t changed throughout these three years is our trust in each other and our chemistry, as well as the love we have for STAY. These three things will never change, even in the future.”

Fans express excitement for the release of Stray Kids album NOEASY

From the moment the second album release was announced by Stray Kids, until just hours before the album was released, fans expressed their excitement at the comeback of their favorite band.

Fans also speculated over the meaning behind some of the lyrics as they engaged in lengthy discussions about each song on the album.

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