'Succession' preview: "What it takes" is big revelations

A scene from Succession (Image via HBO)
A scene from Succession (Image via HBO)
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Succession has brilliantly and often hilariously dealt with the satirical depiction of a media conglomerate and the struggle amongst the various heirs for a seat on the throne. The upcoming episode, titled "What It Takes," will deal with Logan Roy's (played by Brian Cox) next move to hold on to power.

Although the aging patriarch's change from the earlier times is noticeable, as was seen in the previous episode, he is still at the helm of the company, and the struggle for "succession" continues. The show is also approaching the middle of its third season with an upcoming episode that may be heading towards a finale already.

Picking the next President.New #Succession is streaming Sunday on @HBOMax.

What to expect from 'Succession' season 3 episode 6

Succession is almost in the middle of its third season, with nine episodes announced so far. This could very well indicate that this episode could be a mid-season peak, as was present in the previous seasons of Succession.

The promo for the sixth episode shows that the family will go on to pick their next "president" in this episode. It will also explore the themes of father-daughter tension that built up in the previous episode between Logan and Siobhan Roy (Sarah Snook).

The episode will also see Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) being interrogated by his lawyer on how much he knows of the illegal activities happening in the company of his family.

There is also one storyline teased with Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) in it, who has been a fan favorite for some time now. The official synopsis for the upcoming episode of the show reads:

" head to Virginia for a conservative political conference, where Roman finds out surprising news about his mother."

This may be the pivotal plot point, as it has been seen with Roman on multiple occasions. So the possibility cannot be ruled out. What this 'revelation' may do can set the tone for episode 6 of the third season.

'Succession' Season 3 Episode 6: Where to watch

Succession will air its new episode on HBO at 9:00 PM. ET on November 21. It will also simultaneously stream on HBO Max.

Succession was recently renewed for a fourth season. This indicates the struggle for the throne will continue.

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