'Succession' Season 3 Episode 1 review: The Roys choose sides for the corporate battle in the HBO series (Spoilers)

Still from HBO's Succession Season 3 (Image via HBO)
Still from HBO's Succession Season 3 (Image via HBO)

The first episode of Season 3 for the Emmy-winning series Succession dropped today on HBO and Hotstar. The dark and delicious family drama dives into the fallout of season 2's cliff-hanger with Kendall's big betrayal as Logan makes him the 'blood sacrifice.' He was expected to take the blame for a scandal engulfing their company. But the tables turned when Kendall publicly blamed Logan, effectively declaring 'open season' on his father.

'Succession' Season 3 Episode 1: A recap and review

Still from Succession Season 3 Episode 1 (Image via HBO)
Still from Succession Season 3 Episode 1 (Image via HBO)

Season 3 Episode 1, Sucession, starts with Logan uncharacteristically quiet and almost defeated. He's lost his wife, his son just turned on him, his daughter is missing, and his life's work is threatened like never before.

Kendall's betrayal opened the company to investigations, questioning its credibility, especially during the takeover battle between Waystar Royco and its shareholders. A confused Logan wants to gather the best lawyers, assemble his alliances, and choose an interim CEO to fight this battle.

What's fun about the episode is when Logan plays the 'Roll the dice, let's play the CEO' game to finalize on a CEO between Shiv (like it was known), Roman, and Gerri. The approach the Roy kids try with their father in order to gain his trust is truly something to see. Inevitably, both children rule themselves out of contention, Shiv failing to woo the firecracker feminist lawyer that Logan wants but Kendall ends up getting, and Roman being modest about his experience.

Towards the end of the Succession episode, viewers will see that Logan has chosen Gerri as the new CEO (interim). Roman informs Shiv about the same. She reacts by switching sides and heads towards Kendall's house to team up with him.

This episode of Succession in itself fulfills the excitement that was built up, the calls between Logan and Kendall, a confused and defeated Logan, the Roy kids deciding which side to be on and then the final plot twist at the end of the episode. Biting and brilliant.

Succession Season 3 is available on Hotstar and HBO, with episode 1 now streaming and new episodes every Monday.

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