Tanner Hoang: Missing Texas A&M student's car found unattended as search continues

Missing Texas A&M student
Missing Texas A&M student's car found unattended: More details about the missing A&M student explored. (Image via Finding Tanner Hoang/ Facebook)

After being reported missing on December 16, 2022, the car of the A&M student Tanner Hoang was found unoccupied in a parking lot in Austin. The family and friends are currently working closely with the police authorities to find Tanner.

As per the Texas Department of Public Safety, the vehicle was discovered just a day after authorities learned that his car traveled through Elgin on Highway 290 last Friday, less than an hour after stopping for gas in Caldwell. Police were able to access the footage of the same on the surveillance cameras.

The 22-year-old A&M student was last seen on Friday at around 11 am on Colgate Drive near Highway 6 and Wolf Pen Creek Park. The family claimed they had come from Flower Mound, Texas, to attend Tanner’s graduation ceremony but never got to meet him, as he went missing just before meeting them for lunch.

Texas A&M University also confirmed that Tanner Hoang never made it to the graduation ceremony. Additionally, it was reported that his cell phone could not be reached as it had been switched off.

Several Facebook groups on Tanner Hoang have emerged to help the police with clues about the missing A&M student

Since the officials and Tanner's immediate peers are clueless about where the A&M student suddenly vanished, several groups have emerged on social media. One of the prominent groups among this is “Finding Tanner Hoang” on Facebook, which has over 10.6K followers as of this writing.

Following this, several people have been sharing “missing” posts and supposed clues about the college student that could help authorities find him at the earliest.

Furthermore, various news houses have been in touch with Tanner’s family. His uncle, Bao Hoang, shared a message through KRHD and said:

“He was supposed to graduate but I’m not sure what happened that would cause him to leave. We really want him to come back and be with us and we love him obviously and think highly of him. We’re doing all we can in the investigation.”

Tanner's uncle also urged the young man to come back home, as his family and friends have been distressed because of the disappearance of the student. He said:

“Tanner, we love you. God loves you. Come home as soon as you get this message or the messages that have been on Facebook for you … We hope that everything will come to a conclusion that will be a reunion with the family.”

On the topic of Tanner's car, the vehicle that was recently found also had the same number plate as his - BS2C737. At the same time, police had initially informed that the model of the A&M student’s car was a Lexus ES350 that is distinguishable by damage on the passenger side door.

The same could be seen in the images shared by the authorities on social media, where the car was seen moving from the gas station in Caldwell.

The College Station Police has opened up a missing person case for the student and has urged people to contact the authorities at 979-764-3600 if they have any information about the A&M student, Tanner Hoang.

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