FBI and Oakland Police joined hands in protecting Stray Kids against potential attacks

Stray Kids performed with extra security at the Oakland concert (Images via Twitter/@Stray_Kids and @oaklandpoliceca)
Stray Kids performed with extra security at the Oakland concert (Images via Twitter/@Stray_Kids and @oaklandpoliceca)
Afreen Khan

Thanks to Oakland Police’s quick response to the online threats against Stray Kids, thousands of people attending the group’s concert breathed a sigh of relief. Concerns arose when an anti-fan, ironically with the name of one of the group members as their username, posted threatening messages on Twitter.

Trigger warning: death threats, graphic descriptions of violence

On July 11, fans found a Twitter account threatening the Stray Kids members. The user threatened to use a gun against them during their concert and posted extremely graphic descriptions of their attack.

The eight-member group was due to perform for its MANIAC World Tour at the Oakland Arena on July 12 in the evening. The disturbing tweets soon caught the attention of the fandom who then mass-emailed the group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, so they could take necessary action.

A few hours later, the Oakland Police Department assured concert-goers of additional safety precautions and informed them about the FBI’s involvement via their official Twitter account.

OPD is aware of threats concerning the Stray Kids concert tonight at the Oakland Arena. We take threats very seriously. The safety of our community is paramount. OPD is working w/ the Oakland Arena & FBI to ensure the safety of attendees. Additional officers will be present.

Fans rally behind Stray Kids after they receive death threats online, Oakland Police Department assured amped up security

Well I hope people realise that your scathing words hiding behind your stan twitter profile CAN actually be brought against a court of law and you CAN be charged against it…

What was a lucky and exciting day for thousands of Stray Kids fans could have turned into a nightmare. The Thunderous group performed at the Oakland Arena on July 12, as part of the North American leg of their MANIAC World Tour.

However, just a few hours prior to the performance, the group received death threats from an anonymous user on Twitter. The account in question bore the user name, ‘Han Jisung,’ which is also the name of one of the group’s rappers. Their previous username was @nakiiioni, which they then changed to @iluvflopkids as a dig towards the million-sellers.

pls report this acc for posting g0r3 and threats towards skz they're so fucking weird

The anonymous netizen indicated that they would be attending the Oakland concert and made multiple gun violence threats. They specifically targeted Bang Chan, Changbin, and Felix.

Violent and hateful comments towards the K-pop group (Image via Twitter)
Violent and hateful comments towards the K-pop group (Image via Twitter)
Hateful comments (Image via Twitter)
Hateful comments (Image via Twitter)

Fans instantly started reporting the account and mass emailing the concerned authorities, including JYP Entertainment, about the same.

As fans brought the disturbing posts to light, the Oakland Police Department dispatched additional personnel to the concert.

TW: gore, nsfwGuysI've found a really messed up anti account.If you're too sensitive, don't look at their tweets... Just report the account. They're wishing death to the members of 5kz + posting inappropriate content under 5kz related tweetsThis is the account: @nakiiioni
🚨 MASS EMAIL JYPE 🚨STAYS, please help us mass email JYPE to bring their attention to death threats being made towards our skz!email template 🔗…‼️ please help us spread this to all stays, don't forget to change up wording so emails aren't sent to spam!

On the other hand, another Twitter account received a message from "Oakland Police Department" for “instigating and interfering with an active shooter investigation,” allegedly. As per the notice, they were asked to comply with the police officials and visit the station if necessary. It is unclear whether it was a message from the real police department or if someone was playing a prank.

see when y’all take everything for a damn joke.

However, one thing became clear. Threats of any kind, especially those related to gun violence in the US, were nothing to be joked about. The country has recently witnessed a series of horrific mass shootings.

what happened today w skz in oakland was not ok n idk how old the person who made the g*n threat was but really i cannot emphasize how much your digital footprint affects u, ESPECIALLY younger ppl on the internet
@skz8ns no fr? like idc if you hate them, but joking about a d4ath threat like that is where I draw the line. Like these are real people and real peoples lives?? Someone’s hatred for a kpop group should never be so strung to something this serious
and i hope they’re able to trace the ip addresses of the threats and take action bc you guys get away with too much shit on here and it’s time you realize there are actual consequences…
i don't want to hear from ANYONE on this app ever again that stays are overreacting or treating us like we crazy when we try to point it out the treatment and constant threats skz gets cause it got to the point where it's affecting an space that it's supposed to be safe for them.…

Netizens also discussed how boundaries differ on Twitter and in real life, which can ultimately be a bad thing.

Fortunately, no attacks occurred. All eight members of Stray Kids, along with their staff, venue crew, and audience, had a fun time during the concert.

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