10 best moments from Stray Kids MANIAC tour: Felix's abs, Changbin's growl, and more

Stray Kids MANIAC tour promotional image (Image via @Stray_Kids/Twitter)
Stray Kids MANIAC tour promotional image (Image via @Stray_Kids/Twitter)

The Stray Kids MANIAC tour was announced by the group on March 7, much to the fans' relief who had been eagerly waiting for this announcement. This is the group's second world tour and is named after the lead single MANIAC from their ODDINARY album.

JYP Entertainment's boy group debuted in 2017 with nine members, however, as of 2019 the group has been promoting only eight members, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. The ninth member, Woojin, left the group for personal reasons.

10 moments from Stray Kids MANIAC tour that made fans scream out loud

1) Silent Cry outfits

The members looked like angels in their crisp white bedazzled outfits for their performance of Silent Cry on the Stray Kids MANIAC tour. The cropped jacket worn by the members perfectly accentuated their look. Bang Chan's arms made fans gasp out loud in his sleeveless top for the performance.

2) MINSUNG moments

MINSUNG is the name given to the duo Lee Know and Han, by conjoining their first names Min-Ho and Ji-Sung. Throughout the concert, they were constantly drawn to each other. From fixing each other's hair to playfully chasing one another on stage, they were seen doing it all.

3) Bang Chan and Felix's abs

It was a double attack when both Bang Chan and Felix decided to show off their abs during the performance of their song Charmer. The audience erupted into cheers. Even on Twitter, fans were shocked by their boldness. What was even more shocking for STAYs was that the maknae I.N was also lifting his shirt up during this part.

4) Hyunjin's red hair

Hyunjin has managed to pull off the trickiest hairstyles one can think of. He rocked the mullet trend and smoothly transitioned into being one of the few idols who can pull off long hair.

The pretty boy can look good in any hair color as well, no matter how eccentric it is. Just like his Sunbaenim, BTS' V, Hyunjin debuted a bright red hair color on stage. While the color is not the most flattering in nature, he managed to execute the look to perfection, according to fans.

5) Venom's choreography

The choreography for the introductory portion of their song Venom was breathtaking. The formations were exquisite and mesmerizing. The group was able to pull off difficult choreography with utmost synchronization, working together as if they were one person instead of eight different people.

6) Felix's black hair

Felix also debuted his black hair for the Stray Kids MANIAC tour. He has gone through the utmost difficulty of keeping this hair color under wraps, away from the prying eyes of STAYs. Luckily, he was able to keep this as a surprise for the fans despite their persistence to see his new hair color.

7) OT8 Red Lights performance

Red Lights is an extremely sensuous song from the group's album NOEASY. The song is performed by Bang Chan and Hyunjin, but for the Stray Kids MANIAC tour, the group debuted a new version of the song involving all eight members.

This increased the sensuality quota of the song, with the members performing under red lights with leashes attached to their necks.

8) Changbin's growl

Changbin changed up his verse on the song Thunderous from Oh Chanbin to his full name Seo Changbin. He jokingly revealed that his father had gotten upset over people mistaking his real name as Oh Changbin instead of Seo Changbin.

At the beginning of the song, he even growled, clarifying that he is Seo Changbin and not Oh Changbin.

9) I.N's expressions

I.N might be the maknae of the group but his stage presence has increased with leaps and bounds. During the performance of Easy, I.N showed off his chic expressions, capturing the emotions of the song perfectly. One can only look forward to what other surprises the youngest will reveal in the coming years.

10) Family reunion

A K-pop idol's life is not the easiest. The majority of their lives are spent either touring or promoting with their group. This leaves them with very little time to be with their families and loved ones.

It was a happy reunion for Felix when he was able to greet his mother, who was present in the audience of the Stray Kids MANIAC tour concert in Seoul.

The Stray Kids MANIAC tour started on April 29. The world tour will take place in South Korea, Japan, and the USA.

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