‘Thunderous’ Stray Kids reportedly gearing up for a world tour in 2022

Stray Kids' Japanese single Scars concept poster (Image via Twitter/@Stray_Kids_JP)
Stray Kids' Japanese single Scars concept poster (Image via Twitter/@Stray_Kids_JP)

JYP Entertainment’s financial report in SK증권 of October 29 reveals a Stray Kids world tour next year, in 2022. A Twitter user who translates business and related K-pop agencies' financial reports summarized the report to keep international fans up-to-date.

They highlighted the main aspects from the information, one of which is the highly-anticipated world tour of JYP’s self-producing group, Stray Kids.

Financial K-media report mentions an upcoming world tour for Stray Kids in 2022

JYP (SK증권/211029)Main contents of the report:- 4 rookie groups are planning to debut this year to next year.- 'Million-seller' Stray Kids will increase its profit contribution when the global tour resumes next year.- TWICE and NiziU's dome tour is expected next year.

The report, translated by Twitter user @im_jammed, indicate predictions of multiple profitable aspects set to come forth from the "big four" K-pop companies, JYP, SM, YG, and HYBE. Under JYP artists, the report reveals four new debut groups in 2021-2022, TWICE and Japanese group NiziU’s dome tour and Stray Kids' world tour in 2022.

With varied reactions from multiple fandoms, the STAY fandom is the happiest of all. Since their exemplary stage performances and win at Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War, Stray Kids’ popularity has cemented them as one of the most prominent fourth-generation boy groups.

As per the report, Stray Kids will be “resuming” their global tour, implying they might start touring from Europe. In March 2020, JYP Entertainment announced the cancelation of Stray Kids’ world tour District 9: Unlock in Europe due to COVID.

With countless instances of Stray Kids members, especially Felix, expressing their desire to perform in front of old and new fans, the STAY fandom is celebrating this rumor.

Check out some reactions below:

Everyone, let’s keep wearing our masks, stay safe and get vaccinated if you haven’t yet, cause we might be getting that @Stray_Kids world tour next year. 👀
since we’re talking about skz world tour, here are my favorite pictures.
no because stays have been hungry for a world tour just as much as skz, i just know that everytime skz is going to yell SORIKKUN the ceilings will be on the verge of falling down, the stage is going to shake and the floors are going to crack a bit
skz : World Tourstays getting tickets:
fr skz world tour next yr be like:
if skz ever perform wolfgang in the world tour concerts, stays jst gonna bark n howl like wolves in the stadium! tht's gonna be one of the best kpop sensations!!
can this dude pull up?? I need money in case skz goes on world tour

The canceled 2020 European tour included Madrid, Berlin, London, Brussels, Paris and Moscow. As the tweet explicitly states “resumes”, the aforementioned cities are highly likely to be included.

However, considering the group's massive growth from March 2020 to October 2021, it is also possible that the company will introduce additional cities and dates as well.

Meanwhile, some fans are agitated at the news as they believe the company will soon start neglecting the current idol groups. The reports also do not mention ITZY, which has disappointed fans.

One thing for sure Jyp ent. is rlly bad in managing their grps.Right now itzy are on their peak of success & on the other side jyp is debuting a new girl grp & they have even started promoting them.this is gonna affect both itzy & twice .I think jyp should focus on itzy first.…
And like debuting 4 groups in just 2022.I rlly don't want stray kids to end up like got7.Its been around 3 yrs since stray kids debuted & still they are not having US label collab.Having US label benefits alot both in charts and awards(we are already having a example this year)…

In other news, Stray Kids has earned the title of the only JYP artist to sell one million copies with NOEASY, showcasing the jump in popularity. Earlier reports also speculated that the group will be returning with a repackaged album in November. Stray Kids being Stray Kids, however, managed to stay tight-lipped about the comeback in multiple fan video calls.

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