"Teachers need to be the enforcers": Richmond substitute teacher slams student in viral video, sparks online debate 

Richmond High School teacher fired after physically assaulting student who allegedly used racial slur (Image via LuisCam82062622/Twitter)
Richmond High School teacher fired after physically assaulting student who allegedly used racial slur (Image via LuisCam82062622/Twitter)

A Richmond High School teacher is being relentlessly thrashed online after video footage showed him throwing a student to the ground and shoving him out of the classroom. The educator is no longer employed at the institution. The incident is currently under investigation by the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

A video of the dispute was taken on Monday, January 23. In the viral footage, the Richmond School teacher can be heard yelling in the child’s face and asking him to “say it again.” Some social media users alleged that the school employee resorted to extreme actions after the student called him the N-word. Following this, the duo got into a heated confrontation.

The Richmond High teacher could be seen restraining himself with his arms behind him. However, the situation escalated and as he and the student continued to squabble, the Richmond High School educator suddenly grabbed the teenager by his clothes and forcefully shoved him to the ground.

Fellow students were heard gasping in shock and trying to get themselves away from the situation. The teacher then took to grabbing the student again and pushing him into the hallway. The educator then said:

“Get the f**k out of my class.”

Disclaimer: The following video may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

Fight between teacher and student at richmond high school #rhs #richmondhigh #Fights #fightvideos

At the time of writing this article, officials had not confirmed whether the student did use a racial slur against the Richmond High teacher. It has also not been confirmed whether the student sustained any injuries in the incident. Information about disciplinary actions regarding the student is also not available.

The confrontation was recorded from several angles and uploaded to social media as the students took out their cell phones to record the shocking encounter at school.

Reacting to the viral video, one netizen seemingly supporting the educator, tweeted:

@LuisCam82062622 Teachers need to be the enforcers especially when you have disrespectful kids. Some Life lessons need to be taught early.

Netizens have mixed reactions to the Richmond High School teacher online

Several netizens flooded the internet with tweets condemning the teacher’s actions. Many noted that there were better ways to handle the situation.

Several netizens rallied for the Richmond High School teacher to be reprimanded for his actions. Others wondered whether the parents of the student pressed charges against the educator for physically assaulting the teenager.

@LuisCam82062622 Watching people justify physical assault on a minor child is sickening.
@LuisCam82062622 “Get out my class” well sir I don’t think your going to have one anymore!😂
@LuisCam82062622 i hope his parents pressed charges
@LuisCam82062622 Do you think this was justified? Teacher escalated it to physical violence.90 days in jail, 3 years probation, anger management, and a hefty fine should do the trick.
@LuisCam82062622 Lawsuit coming right up
@LuisCam82062622 The constant "say it again" was his problem. He let anger get the best of him.
@LuisCam82062622 Hope he gets fired and charges
@LuisCam82062622 That kid and his family about to get $paid!!!!!!!!
@LuisCam82062622 Better ways to handle the situation for sure

Despite protests against the teacher, several netizens also believed that the student crossed a line.

@LuisCam82062622 That was perhaps what would’ve happened had teachers from my day been brought forward in a Time MachineTo be honest thoughI can’t remember ANY incident in my entire public school career when ANY student got that insolent with ANY teacher* *I was teach & student … in LA CA
@LuisCam82062622 That teacher handled his business
@LuisCam82062622 Student wanted to man up, and he got what he asked for.

@LuisCam82062622 YOUNG BOY GONNA LEARN TODAY 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Students protest for the teacher to be ousted following altercation

Lorenzo Morotti, a journalism teacher at the school, confirmed that students held a protest and walked out of their classes just before the fifth-period. They held flyers which read:

“We fed up. The actions he took wasn’t right but the kid actions also wasn’t.”
BREAKING: “We stop. You stop,” Richmond High School BSU Director Kiraa Easter said to start off a walkout rally. 100s of students stand in solidarity against using racial slurs in response to a Black substitute teacher attacking a Latino student for using a racial slur in class.

The Bay Area News Group obtained statements from the school’s black students union. They announced that both the teacher and the student should be removed from the institution for their actions. They said:

“Even though the teacher has all the eyes on him because he is an adult and should have handled it differently, at the end of the day they were both disrespectful, and eith one could have walked away. But… someone who is not black saying such a hateful word is wrong and should be held accountable for his actions. Not only should the teacher be removed, but the student as well.”

The West Contra Costa Unified School District has since announced that the incident is being investigated. They also announced that the “district has taken swift action” and the teacher in question has been terminated from his employment.

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