#ThankYouBrandon: Joe Biden supporters reclaim viral Brandon Brown meme, hashtag trends on Twitter

#ThankYouBrandon is trending on Twitter following anti-Biden memes (Image via Getty Images)
#ThankYouBrandon is trending on Twitter following anti-Biden memes (Image via Getty Images)
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#LetsGoBrandon was trending on Twitter just two weeks ago, but now, it is being replaced by #ThankYouBrandon. The social media trend concerning the POTUS and NASCAR driver Brandon Brown started after American citizens were angered by the vaccine mandates.

Now, the left-wingers have reclaimed the #LetsGoBrandon slogan.

#LetsGoBrandon came into being from an interview that took place in this year’s NASCAR Xfinity Series. During said interview, Brandon Brown was being interviewed by sportscaster Kelli Stavast. The latter misheard the crowd cheering “F**k Joe Biden” as “Let’s Go Brandon”.

Since then, the Let’s Go Brandon hashtag has trended online and become the slogan of several conservative members.

What does #ThankYouBrandon mean?

Not that long ago, the President’s official Twitter account posted a tweet revealing that the Joe Biden administration was well aware of the Let’s Go Brandon trend online and the euphemism behind it.

On October 22, the handle posted a video of them working hard to help a person named Brandon. The video was posted on the President’s official Twitter account to promote the Build Back Better Agenda campaign.

I’m fighting every day to pass my Build Back Better Agenda for folks like Brandon. His story is like so many I’ve heard across the country. Folks are just looking for a fighting chance and to be treated with the dignity they deserve – and that’s what my agenda is all about.

Since then, Biden supporters have replaced #LetsGoBrandon with #ThankYouBrandon to praise the President. Followers of such political memes were impressed with the new Brandon trending online.

They also took to Twitter to praise the President for the reported development of the American job market. Several tweets praising Joe Biden were accompanied by #ThankYouBiden.

Some of them read:

So the bi-partisan infrastructure bill passed, and it’s a big fucking deal! #ThankYouBrandon #FuckDonaldTrump
All I ask of President Biden is to throw in an "Art of the Deal" reference when he signs this huge accomplishment. #ThankYouBrandon for an actual Infrastructure Week
@mtgreenee Madge all upset her agenda just got flushed! So much for riding that red wave, eh Madge?#ThankYouBrandon #IStandWithBrandon #BuildBackBetterWithBrandon
#ThankYouBrandon DJIA at record highOver half a million jobs created last month with pandemicInfrastructure bill passed which will fix our crumbling roads bridges, invest in rail & give broadband to rural areas.& President Biden didn't push anyone out of the way at the G20
It’s late and I’m going to bed, but not before I say THANK YOU BRANDON! #ThankYouBrandon
Biden delivers Infrastructure in 289 days while Trump promised it ever 2 weeks for 1750 days. #ThankYouBrandon
#ThankYouBrandon for all of the jobs and the $300 per kid every family gets!

Though many tweets praised President Biden for the economic development, a few Trump supporters claimed that the “Thank You Brandon” hashtag was being used to change the narrative.

#ThankYouBrandon is trending because Democratic voters are flipping the script and taking back the narrative.

Ever since the anti-Biden Let’s Go Brandon memes started trending online, several merchandise items, including hats and T-shirts, have been sported by right-wingers.


New Jersey-based influencer Loza Alexander had also created a song titled Let’s Go Brandon Theme Song that went viral. The track went on to top iTunes and the Billboard Hot 100.

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