What does Let's go Brandon mean? Origin of viral meme explained ft. Loza Alexander 

Anti-Biden meme "Let's go Brandon" goes viral (Image via Getty Images and Instagram/ brandonbrown_68)
Anti-Biden meme "Let's go Brandon" goes viral (Image via Getty Images and Instagram/ brandonbrown_68)

Twitter is being swarmed with memes consisting of the phrase "Let's go Brandon" following a reporter’s blunder. The phrase can be seen making its way on several profiles of conservative Trump supporters.

The phrase came into being through an interview that took place at the Sparks 300 race in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. The October 2 Talladega Superspeedway event boasted Brandon Brown as the winner before sportscaster Kelli Stavast went on to interview him.

During the interview, Stavast heard the crowd cheering “Let’s go Brandon” instead of “F**k Joe Biden,” which a conservative crowd kept yelling.


"Let's go Brandon" meme takes over the internet

Brandon Brown was seen driving a No. 68 Chevrolet Camaro for Brandonbilt Motorsports. This stood to be a milestone moment in his career but, unfortunately, it was trampled by angry Trump supporters.

As Brown spoke to the NBC reporter, he was unable to hear what the crowd was chanting in the background. Some internet sleuths believe that the sportscaster heard what the crowd was cheering but decided to report it as “Let’s go Brandon” as she was caught off guard on live television.

Though it is unclear whether the NBC reporter made the blunder on purpose, the anti-Biden meme has taken over the internet.

BREAKING: Facebook to change its hate speech policy to include posts that say "Let's go Brandon.""This while thing has gone far enough. It's offensive and really really mean," said a top executive at the social media company.
Let’s Go Brandon is going worldwide! Awesome 💥#LetsGoBrandon #FJB
Anti-mandate New Yorkers eat at vaccinated only restaurant. Chant " USA" and "FJB."Let's Go Brandon!
Schools walked out protesting vax mandate, at California State Capitol building.#FJB Let's Go Brandon!
Let's Go Brandon is now a Tik Tok Challenge 😎 #LetsGoBrandon
I am outside Southwest’s headquarters in Dallas Texas and employees gathering to protest the vaccine mandate are shouting “Let’s go Brandon!” 😂👏🏼
I-70 EAST, OH — Let’s Go Brandon!
Empty Shelves Joe.😆#EmptyShelvesJoe Let's Go Brandon!
Southwest Airlines employee protest in DALLAS.Let’s go Brandon!

Fuel was added to the fire after Southwest Airlines staff members were heard using the chant. Last week, the airlines canceled several flights and stated that they did so due to air traffic control problems and bad weather.

However, some believe that they did so due to Biden’s new vaccine mandate. Airline staff members allegedly used the chant to showcase their disapproval of their president.


Loza Alexander, a New Jersey-based Trump supporter, turned the phrase into a song as well. The “Let’s go Brandon Theme Song,” went viral on TikTok and topped the iTunes chart as well, standing as competition to Adele’s latest single Easy On Me. The music video has also acquired over two million views on YouTube.

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