The funniest Vin Diesel family memes on the internet as Fast and Furious 9 fever takes over

Vin Diesel as The Family Man (Image via Universal Pictures)
Vin Diesel as The Family Man (Image via Universal Pictures)

The Fast and Furious franchise and Vin Diesel have both been around for as long as people can remember. Over the years, the movies have evolved, and despite numerous plot holes being seen often than not, the franchise is loved the world over.

From drifting in Tokyo to robbing bank vaults straight from the building, the franchise has seen and done it all by now.

Its latest installment, Fast and Furious 9, recently hit the $500 million mark in box office earnings. Suffice to say, another installment of the franchise might just be in the works.

Keeping aside the revenue, the insane plots, and a host of memorable characters, one thing has remained a talking point throughout the series: Family.

No matter how hard things get for Dom and his crew, the family sticks together, keeps pushing onward, and gets through any situation. In fact, family has become so important that the internet has taken note of the predicament and has confirmed that family is the strongest thing in the universe.

It's so strong that even Chuck Norris and Thanos don't stand a chance in front of this divine might. While that may not be entirely true, Vin Diesel says otherwise.

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Vin Diesel - The Family Man

It's unclear how it all started, but the "family is stronger" tagline has begun to sweep the internet, and this is just the beginning. What began as a phrase used by Dom (Vin Diesel) to inspire his crew, and keep them together in the movies, has now turned into a pop-culture tagline that will go down in history.

Netizens have been pumping out their versions of the "family is stronger" meme, and the internet is overwhelmed with laughs and gags.

While the intention of Vin Diesel's dialogue about family in the movie may have been more grounded, the internet has upped its game and proclaimed that nothing is more vital than family.

Here are a few fan-made memes:

From Avengers to Star Wars and everything in-between, the crossovers have cemented Vin Diesel's legacy in pop culture's hall of fame.

Suffice to say, everyone adores him. Given his recent surge in popularity following the memes, it's safe to assume that both he and "family" will remain a talking point for years to come.

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