The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner brushes off alleged ex's accusations of weight shaming

The Golden Bachelor
Weight shaming claims surface against The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner (image via Instagram/goldenbachabc)

Gerry Turner, the 72-year-old star of the reality TV show The Golden Bachelor, has recently come under scrutiny following accusations from an ex-girlfriend concerning weight shaming. The allegations, brought forward by an individual identified only as Carolyn, claim that Turner ended their relationship due to her weight gain. This controversy starkly contrasts with Turner's narrative on the show, where he maintained that he hadn't been romantically involved since his wife's death in 2017.

Turner's response to these allegations has been one of dismissal, focusing instead on the positive aspects of his current life, including his relationship with Theresa, his partner from the show.

As the story unfolds, the public's attention is drawn to the disparity between Turner's televised persona and the recent claims.

The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner responds to ex-partner's weight shaming allegations

Turner, a senior figure in the realm of reality television, gained fame through The Golden Bachelor. The show, known for its unique format, revolves around Turner, a widower, seeking another chance at love. The narrative presented on the show painted Turner as a man who had not pursued any romantic relationships since the passing of his wife in 2017, a story that resonated with many viewers.

The recent allegations by Carolyn, Turner's ex-girlfriend, have brought a new dimension to the public's perception of him. She asserts that their relationship, which began shortly after his wife's death, lasted for three years and was terminated by Turner due to her gaining weight.

This accusation directly contradicts the image Turner portrayed on the show, leading to a wave of public and media scrutiny.

In response to these weight-shaming allegations, Turner has taken a stance of dismissal. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times on November 30, he stated his lack of time to reflect on such comments, choosing instead to focus on the positive elements of his life.

His current relationship with Theresa, whom he met on the show, has been a significant part of this focus. Turner's approach to handling the situation has been to look forward, rather than dwell on the past allegations.

In Turner’s own words:

“My only response is that I have so many positive things in my life right now. I have the wonderful love of Theresa, my partner. I don’t have time to reflect on comments like this. I’m happy to look forward.”

The claims made by Carolyn have raised questions about the authenticity of Turner's story on The Golden Bachelor. His assertion of a lack of romantic involvement since his wife's death is now viewed with skepticism.

This discrepancy has not only affected Turner's personal reputation but also the credibility of the narrative presented on the show.

Further adding to the controversy, Carolyn recounted an incident where Turner allegedly refused to accompany her to her high school reunion, citing her weight gain as the reason. This event reportedly marked the end of their three-year relationship.

Additionally, the exposé suggested that Turner had reused romantic expressions from his past relationship with Carolyn to charm the finalists on The Golden Bachelor.

Amidst the swirling allegations, Turner's personal life has taken a turn towards new beginnings. He is currently engaged to Theresa Nist, a contestant from The Golden Bachelor.

Their relationship, which blossomed on the show, has culminated in an engagement, with plans for a live wedding ceremony to be broadcast on January 4, 2024.

Despite the controversy, Turner has limited his interactions with the media regarding the exposé, choosing instead to focus on his relationship with Theresa and their future together.

As the public and media continue to delve into the story, the contrast between Turner's public image and private life remains a topic of intrigue and speculation. With his wedding approaching, Turner appears to be moving forward, leaving the controversy in the past.

However, the impact of these allegations on his public image and the credibility of The Golden Bachelor is an unfolding story, one that continues to capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

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Edited by Prem Deshpande