The Good Doctor season 6 episode 16 recap: Who is Shaun's new attorney?

A still from The Good Doctor (Image via Twitter/@GoodDoctorABC)
A still from The Good Doctor (Image via Twitter/@GoodDoctorABC)

Season 6 episode 16 of The Good Doctor released on March 13, 2023, at 10 pm ET. The hit show is all about a young doctor with autism, who faces several obstacles while working in a hospital in California. The show has garnered a massive fan base over the years and the latest episode introduced fans to a new character named Joni.

The entire hour was dedicated to a new law firm and a lawyer Shaun wanted to work on his case. Joni's situation is a lot like Shaun's at the hospital and the two form a sweet bond.

Kennedy McMann plays Shaun's new attorney in The Good Doctor season 6 episode 16

Shaun is in dire need of legal representation, so Glassman takes him to see his lawyer. The lawyer informs Shaun that if he takes the settlement offer, he will be supervised for six months. Shaun is not in favor of this, but he soon learns from Janet that if they go on trial, the doctor could lose his license.

Shaun then runs into a young lawyer named Joni, who asks him childish medical questions. Shaun soon realizes that she has OCD. The lawyer only partakes in research and informs Shaun that there is something wrong with the settlement offer. This makes the doctor announce Joni as his new lawyer.

Joni is portrayed by Kennedy McMann, who is best known for playing the character Nancy Drew in the 2019 television series of the same name. She has also appeared on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Gone, and Tell Me Lies.

In The Good Doctor season 6 episode 16, Glassman and Lea think that Shaun hiring her as his attorney is a terrible idea. Joni's roommate tells her to stay out of court but she refuses. She gives a disposition and Janet asks her to stop tapping her pen. Due to her condition, Joni has a hard time with this. She believes that something unpleasant will happen if she stops tapping and Janet notices this.

Fans are then taken to a flashback and see Park and Shaun finding a car flipped on the road. A woman is injured and her boyfriend Bob is missing. Shaun finds Bob and notices him bleeding. The doctor has no choice but to amputate Bob's arm owing to his injuries.

Joni realizes this is not practically possible. Shaun explains that there was no option. If he hadn't amputated him, Bob would have died. Janet tells Joni that Shaun has to settle, but Joni is against it and the duo has an argument.

In court, the Judge is seemingly not a fan of Jodi. This is when she has another OCD episode. Shaun loses the case and the settlement as Janet tries to convince him that Joni is a bad attorney.

Shaun asks Joni why she wanted to be a lawyer and learns that a lawyer saved her family when she was young. Her father died in a car crash and that was when she was diagnosed with OCD. The doctor says he still wants her to be his lawyer and says he is going to talk to Janet.

The trial continues and Joni impresses everyone with her skills and research. Joni allows Shaun to talk about his own condition even though she agrees it is irrelevant. The case is closed and Shaun wins. Janet then tells Joni she is a good lawyer.

Joni and her sister call their mother to celebrate the good news and have drinks with Shaun. The episode ends here and fans now await the release of season 6 episode 17, which will air on Monday, March 20, 2023, at 10 pm ET.

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