“The jury is terrible”: American Song Contest fans slam jury for picking Michigan’s Ada LeAnn as semi-finalist

Michigan’s Ada LeAnn from American Song Contest (Image via ada.leann/Instagram)
Michigan’s Ada LeAnn from American Song Contest (Image via ada.leann/Instagram)

The latest episode of American Song Contest aired on Monday for two hours on NBC. It featured 11 artists representing 11 states and territories in America.

After each performance, hosts Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson announced jury rankings. Till the very end, California’s Sweet Taboo was at the top. When the final result of the jury’s pick for semi-finalists was declared, Michigan’s Ada LeAnn, youngest contestant on the show, reached the top, beating California’s Sweet Taboo to second place.

The qualifier’s chart by the jury left fans shocked because they felt that there were many more desirable contestants than LeAnn in episode 5.

Fans were disappointed with the jury

Viewers were satisfied until California’s Sweet Taboo was ranked first, however, a four-time Grammy nominee, Sisqo’s performance changed their votes. Viewers were super impressed with the latter’s song, It’s Up.

The final ranking chart didn’t even count Sisqo in the top five, which was one of the reasons why fans were upset with the American Song Contest jury. According to them, Michigan’s Ada Leann sounded like Taylor Swift’s early work after she sang Natalie.

Take a look at fans’ reactions:

Maryland and Guam were robbed 🤬 And California deserved to be at the top. The jury is terrible, as always. #americansongcontest
So, the jury just ignores Sisqo? That lil girl from Michigan...really? Don't ya'll get on my nerves.#Americansongcontest
They threw that result off the screen SO quickly. They really didn't want us to know how dirty they did Sisqo #AmericanSongContest
#Americansongcontest how about we drop this jury thing and let people decide for all ? Apparently this ain't working lol…
Sooooo the jury at the #AmericanSongContest is trash. How did Sisqó place 8th when he had the song of the night? Michigan was basically a whiny TS clone and American Samoa should’ve placed higher
I'm surprised that Michigan won the jury pick. It was just an alright song. Nothing extraordinary to write home about. I'm hoping that the jury doesn't pick the winner. See you next week. #AmericanSongContest
I mean I liked Michigan but honestly surprised Maryland did that bad with the Jury #AmericanSongContest
Whelp. Pack it in, y’all. The #AmericanSongContest has officially been ruined by this awful jury.
There's the jury we know and hate... #AmericanSongContest

As per the jury’s ranking, the results were:

1) Michigan’s Ada LeAnn

2) California’s Sweet Taboo

3) North Carolina’s John Morgan

4) American Samoa’s Tenelle

5) Illinois’ Justin Jesso

6) Idaho’s Andrew Sheppard

7) New Mexico’s Khalisol

8) Vermont’s Josh Panda

9) Maryland's Sisqo

10) Missouri’s HALIE

11) Guam’s Jason J.

Who is Ada Leann from American Song Contest?

Ada LeAnn represented Michigan in American Song Contest episode 5. The Battle Creek resident sang her original track, Natalie, which impressed the National Jury Selection. Thus, the jury picked her as the semi-finalist in episode 5.

Her bio on NBC mentions that LeAnn is known for penning down “emotional lyrics about relationships.” It further stated:

“Ada LeAnn is a 16-year-old singer and songwriter from Michigan, known for her ability to write emotional lyrics about relationships that are real and relatable to her audience.”

The bio continued:

“Ada strives to be a voice for teenagers like herself to show them that they are heard, understood and not alone. She has released two EPs and multiple covers with a discography of 18 songs.”

Meanwhile, she is headed for the semi-finals along with previous episodes’ semi-finalists:

Rhode Island’s Hueston, Oklahoma’s AleXa, Puerto Rico’s Christian Pagán, Connecticut’s Michael Bolton, Kentucky’s Jordan Smith, Montana’s Jonah Prill, North Dakota’s Chloe Fredericks, Kansas’ Broderick Jones, Tenneesee’s Tyler Braden, Texas’ Grant Knoche, Alabama’s Ni/Co and Colorado’s Riker Lynch.

The upcoming episode will declare three more semi-finalists from episode 5 of American Song Contest. The next episode will air Monday, April 25 at 8.00 pm Eastern Time on NBC.

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