"The most pointless fight of all mankind": KSI roasts the Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather fight

KSI recently shared his honest thoughts on Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather
KSI recently shared his honest thoughts on Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather
Modified 03 May 2021

Jeje Olatunji, aka KSI, recently weighed in on the upcoming Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather bout in his latest YouTube video. He officially backed the latter to reign supreme.

The 27-year old British YouTuber/ Rapper is known to share quite the history with Logan Paul, having fought him on two separate occasions in which KSI emerged victorious both times.

After suffering consecutive losses at the hands of KSI, the upcoming Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather bout has understandably raised quite a few eyebrows online.

In light of the internet being divided over the possible outcome, KSI recently shared his honest opinion on the fight.

KSI mocks Logan Paul's chances against Floyd Mayweather Jr

In his latest YouTube video, KSI scoffs at the very idea of Logan Paul going up against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, as he proceeded to sarcastically mock his YouTube counterpart's slim chances.

"This is the most pointless fight of all mankind. I can't believe it's happening . I guess everyone's just trying to get their money. I'm not going to be a clown and pay to watch this. I'll just wait online the next day for the results, which will be Mayweather winning because like I said, it's pointless. like I don't even know how they're gonna promote this . '

He also proceeded to hilariously impersonate fans of Logan Paul, who firmly believe that their favorite YouTuber might just pull off one of the biggest upsets in boxing history:

"Oh Logan Paul has a chance? Yes, he lost to KSI, this random rapping YouTuber. 'Well trust me all it takes is one punch...and remember mayweather is so much smaller than KSI and has a smaller reach. Yeah, he might have a 50-0 record and yeah he might have way more boxing knowledge than KSI but still! Logan Paul has a chance! He's big, he's white, he has legs! He might knock out Mayweather....Oh man!"

Humor aside, he doffed off his hat to Logan Paul's shrewd marketing sense, praising him for successfully pulling off a gargantuan bout with the 50-0 undefeated boxing champion:

"You gotta give it to Logan man, he has smashed it out of the park, somehow, somehow! It's a win -win for Logan anyway because him getting the fight is a win, he's already won. There is a possibility that Logan could knock out Mayweather, but cmmon man! Conor couldn't do it, 49 professional boxers couldn't do it . Logan Paul? Really? "

With KSI giving a rather brutal and honest opinion on the Logan Paul x Floyd Mayweather bout, it now remains to be seen if the former can mount a challenge against a seemingly insurmountable force and shock the world.

Logan Paul takes on Floyd Mayweather on June 6th, 2021 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Published 03 May 2021
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