The Umbrella Academy powers decoded

The Umbrella Academy (Image via IMDb)
The Umbrella Academy (Image via IMDb)

The Umbrella Academy is a science fiction drama currently streaming on Netflix. Having premiered in 2019 for the first time, the show narrates how a band of superheroes regrouped to look into the secrets behind the death of the man who raised them as a father. The show is based on graphic novels by Gerard Way, who is popular for being the lead singer of American rock band My Chemical Romance.

The Umbrella Academy is an epic exhibition of superpowers where each seems cooler than the other. This article will take you through four such powers that were loved by fans.

From Diego to Luther, 4 superheroes from The Umbrella Academy and their superpowers

1) Number Five: Space-time manipulation


If you think Doctor Strange from the MCU is the only one to control time and space with his superpowers, you are mistaken. The character Number Five from Steve Blackman's The Umbrella Academy is seen to possess similar powers.

Though Number Five is yet to master and control the superpower he possesses, it does not stop him from fighting his enemies. He is skilled at teleportation and can also move at a sonic speed.

2) Luther: Super strength


Superman and Hulk are not the only ones who can stop a missile with minimal effort. Luther from The Umbrella Academy is also a part of the league. He got this power when his father was running an experiment on him. It's just that Luther transforms into an ape-like being when he is using his superpowers to fight enemies.

3) Diego: Trajectory manipulation


Diego is a strong, cool, and badass fighter. He has superpowers that help him redirect bullets being shot at him. On top of that, he can also throw knives and control their direction. The character had an epic presence in season 1 that dipped a bit in season 2. However, his opening scene will forever be one of the coolest among all the other characters from the show.

4) Klaus: Connection to the dead


Resurrecting the dead is no child's play, and when it comes to controlling it, nothing can get better than that. Klaus from this fan favorite TV show seems to have all this covered.

Though he was introduced as a drug-addict at the beginning of the show, his real powers surfaced only with time. The show also indicates why Klaus was holding himself back all this time from using his powers.

Other characters from the show who have special powers are Vanya, who can manipulate sound, and Lila, who can do sound mimicry.

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