"There is a 0% chance": Ninja confirms that he is not joining 100 Thieves

Ninja to 100 Thieves off?
Ninja to 100 Thieves off?

For a few months, rumours about Ninja's apparent plans to go pro in Valorant have been rife.

Earlier, Jack Dunlop aka CouRageJD had talked about how Ninja hasn’t had time to stream with other content creators because he has been on a prolonged Valorant run. He then confirmed that Ninja wants to go ‘pro’ in Valorant and said that this will have an effect on how much he plays with other streamers.

At the beginning of the month, we reported that Ninja is potentially trying out for 100 Thieves. The streamer, whose popularity is down to Fortnite, has been practising Valorant on a regular basis. Ninja had been playing the game with another 100 Thieves’ members, Hiko, who had confirmed that he had tried out for the Valorant team.

Image Credits: Essentially Sports
Image Credits: Essentially Sports

Hiko is a professional gamer/streamer who plays games such as CS GO and Valorant. He currently plays for 100 Thieves and has around 1.1 million followers on Twitch. In addition, he has around 285k subscribers on YouTube.

"There is a "0% chance": Ninja confirms that he is not joining 100 Thieves

Hiko had hinted that Ninja will be joining 100 Thieves multiple times. In the video that you see at the end of the article, you can see a bunch of clips where he talks about Ninja. Firstly, he confirmed that Ninja has been trying out for 100 Thieves. In a conversation between the two, we even see Ninja being quite excited about the move. Ninja even said that he was ‘looking forward’ to the move and was excited about joining the organisation.

However, during a recent stream, Ninja appeared to disregard the rumours and said that there is a 0% chance of him moving to 100 Thieves.

Jake Lucky posted a video on his channel Esports Talk about the situation and confirmed on Twitter that Ninja will not be joining 100 Thieves.

The revelation came during a recent Twitch stream where Ninja was playing ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown’. While there is no information on the reasons why the move broke down, there were doubts over the possibility of a deal because of the financial aspects. Regardless, it appears that Ninja will not be joining 100 Thieves for now. You can watch Jake Lucky’s video on the matter below:


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