“There are always gonna be details that you can never anticipate” - Erin Moriarty teases big twists in The Boys Season 4

Erin Moriarty in The Boys (Image via Amazon Studios)
Erin Moriarty in The Boys (Image via Amazon Studios)

The Boys has captured audiences' attention with its unapologetic and subversive take on the superhero genre, presenting corrupt and egotistical caped crusaders as the primary antagonists. Erin Moriarty, known for her role as Starlight in the hit superhero series The Boys, has hinted at the presence of significant twists in the upcoming fourth season.

In an interview with CBR on March 8, 2023, Moriarty emphasized the brilliance of the show's writers and their ability to stay one step ahead of the audience, promising surprises and an even darker and crazier season.

"There are always gonna be details that you can never anticipate."

Erin Moriarty praises writers, says The Boys Season 4 will be "a wild ride"

Actress Erin Moriarty, in a conversation with CBR, revealed that the fourth season will introduce unexpected details and twists that fans haven't anticipated:

"The writers are so brilliant and they're always one step ahead of us. I think that's what makes the show so exciting and keeps us on our toes. It's going to be a wild ride. I can't wait for people to see it."

With each season, The Boys has pushed boundaries, and Season 4 promises to be even darker and crazier, offering a wild ride for viewers.

A nuanced perspective

While The Boys has generally portrayed superheroes as corrupt and power-abusing figures, Moriarty's comments suggest that the upcoming season will provide a more nuanced perspective on previously demonized characters. The show has demonstrated its capacity to delve into backstories and unveil unexpected details that challenge initial perceptions.

One character who exemplifies this complexity is Homelander, the leader of The Seven, played by Antony Starr. Initially presented as an unstable and dangerous figure, Homelander's past revealed moments of vulnerability that slightly humanized him. However, his actions throughout the series, including public execution, have hinted at an increasingly violent and unstable nature.

As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Homelander will become an existential threat to the world. Moriarty's comments raise intriguing questions about how other characters will respond to Homelander's destructive path. Could some of the previously irredeemable supes surprise audiences with their humanity and join forces to stop him?

The show has already explored instances of superheroes turning against their leader, as seen with Queen Maeve's attempts to find a way to kill Homelander. Season 4 holds the potential to further humanize characters, challenging pre-conceived notions and presenting multi-dimensional individuals. It's a testament to the show's commitment to delivering complex storytelling that blurs the lines between heroes and villains.

With its release scheduled for 2023, The Boys season four promises to be a wild ride that continues to redefine the superhero genre.

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