Tiffany & Co x Rimowa Collection: Where to get, price, and more details explored

The Tiffany & Co x Rimowa Collection ( Image via Rimowa website)
The Tiffany & Co x Rimowa Collection (Image via Rimowa)

Tiffany & Co. is renowned worldwide for the exquisite diamonds they offer up for sale. Established in 1837, the company has been at the forefront of setting luxury standards in America and other parts of the world. As is typical of big brands nowadays, the diamond company has collaborated with brands like Nike to create the widely awaited Air Force 1Low and Fendi for the limited-edition ‘Tiffany Blue’ baguette.

Now, the brand has announced a collection of luxury travel bags with none other than the seasoned producer of luxury bags, RIMOWA. The collection comprises the limited-edition rock cut cabin for USD 3,625, the jewelry personal for USD 2,250, and the jewelry case, which will be sold for USD 4,875. The collection will be released on September 26, 2023, in the brand's online and physical stores.

RIMOWA has built quite a reputation with its staple aluminum pieces. Founded in Cologne, the company has set the industry benchmark for sturdy, eye-catching, and durable travel luggage and accessories. Therefore, the collaboration between the two luxury brands is fitting.

On the collaboration, Rimowa says:

"The RIMOWA x Tiffany Co. collaboration redefines the boundaries of travel with unparalleled innovation, creating the ultimate companions for the most treasured items on your upcoming journeys."

A closer look at the Tiffany x RIMOWA Collection

The Rock Cut Cabin

This travel suitcase silhouette embodies the gorgeous aluminum build that RIMOWA is associated with. But what really sells the piece are the intricate diamond patterns sprinkled all over the exterior.

The Rock Cut Cabin (Image via RIMOWA)
The Rock Cut Cabin (Image via RIMOWA)

The design embodies the diamonds that Tiffany is famous for. Tiffany’s signature blue shade dominates the interior of the luggage. The handles, wheels, and sealing are included in the fun as they are bathed in the stunning blue as well. This piece will surely give you that sophisticated aura as you travel with it.

The Jewelry Personal

This piece of the collection is every jewel lover’s fantasy. Unlike the other collection’s pieces, the jewelry personal’s exterior is draped in Tiffany’s signature blue with the collaborating brands' trademarked names inscribed on it.

The Jewelry Personal (Image via RIMOWA)
The Jewelry Personal (Image via RIMOWA)

The twin buckled designs wrapped around the luggage give it a sturdy appearance. What makes this luggage piece a worthy investment are the segmented spaces in the blue interior. These come in handy when you are traveling with delicate items. The interior of the piece also has the emblems of the luxury brands inscribed on it.

The Jewelry Case

This piece is the most expensive in the collection for good reason. It is shaped like a treasure chest and looks like one, too! It features a metallic exterior with diamond-patterned artwork and a blue-colored handle.

The Jewelry Case (Image via RIMOWA)
The Jewelry Case (Image via RIMOWA)

The detachable compartment that properly stores your jeweled items is what really sells this piece. The mirror attached to the interior transforms this luxurious piece from a jewelry case to every beautician’s dream.

The aluminum brushed designs on the Rock Cut Cabin and the jewelry case have a letter-shaped “T” inscribed on the patterns, paying homage to the jewel company.

The items are sure to be a bestseller among those who have a taste for luxury fashion accessories. Stay tuned for more updates on the collection.

Edited by Shreya Das