“Time to leave this platform”: Elon Musk carries sink into Twitter HQ as deal nears close, sends internet into a frenzy 

Why did Elon Musk carry a sink to the Twitter HQ? Details explored. (Image via Twitter)
Why did Elon Musk carry a sink to the Twitter HQ? Details explored (Image via Twitter)

As Elon Musk sways his way into cracking the multi-million dollar Twitter deal, the Tesla CEO made the internet go gaga as he entered Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco with a porcelain bathroom sink in his hands. Sharing the same on Twitter, he said:

Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!

While it is still unclear why Musk entered the HQ with a sink, the netizens surely had hilarious reactions. One of the users took to the platform and said:

@elonmusk Time to leave this platform after 14 years. It was a fun time though

Elon Musk, on the other hand, has also changed his Twitter bio, as he added “Chief Twit” below his name. People are now wondering if this is a public signal to take over Twitter.

Elon Musk makes a historic entry into the Twitter HQ ahead of an end-of-week deadline to buy the company

As the billionaire approaches Friday, which is supposed to be the deadline to close his deal to buy Twitter, he posted an eccentric video of himself carrying a sink to the office located in San Francisco. As soon as Elon Musk posted the video on Twitter, the netizens had some quick-witted reactions. One social media user hopped on to the platform and said:

@elonmusk Maybe it's his lucky sink? I guess we should just be glad he didn't come into work carrying a toilet?

Meanwhile, some Twitter users had a laugh and questioned why Musk brought a sink to the micro-blogging site's HQ.

@elonmusk Bro why the sink
@elonmusk Funny people are a lot more successful in life. Having a good sense of humor is an essential social toolset.
@elonmusk Why are you holding a sink? 🤣
@Helloimmorgan @elonmusk Let that sink in. that's the whole joke
@elonmusk Why is Elon carrying a sink? I’m lost on this one

Others gave their opinions about why the millionaire entered the Twitter office with a sink. One netizen on Twitter mentioned that it's a joke for "let that sink in."

@Ann0553 @elonmusk It's a joke for "let that sink in". It gives the media a headline and allows Elon to play it off as fun and games.It's not going to be fun and games for those he lays off.
@theonlyccobb @AltcoinDailyio @elonmusk It means he's arrived to sink the company.
@elonmusk Can I have the sink? After you are done with it?
@elonmusk Dude literally brought the kitchen sink.

“Chief Twit” in “Twitter HQ”: Is the deal finalised?

As Elon Musk changed his bio to “Chief Twit” and his location to “Twitter HQ,” netizens have started opining about the deal and questioning if the deal has been finalized. As per reports, Musk has pledged to close this $44 billion acquisition by Friday, October 28, 2022.

Elon Musk changed his bio and his location, making netizens curious about the Twitter deal. (Image via Twitter)
Elon Musk changed his bio and his location, making netizens curious about the Twitter deal. (Image via Twitter)

At the same time, this also happens to be the exact date when the head of the Delaware Chancery Court Chancellor, Kathaleen St. Jude McCormick, during his last judgment, gave a final ultimatum to both Musk and Twitter to close the deal.

However, if he fails to close the Twitter acquisition deal, Musk could land in deep waters as he would face a legal battle against the social media platform. But Musk carrying the sink to the office does not specify if the deal has been closed or finalized.

Elon Musk to close Twitter deal on Friday. Huge.

Twitter has confirmed to The Associated Press that the tweet was real. However, the company or the spokespersons refused to comment further.

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