Today’s Final Jeopardy! answer: Thursday, June 15, 2023

A still from Jeopardy! (Image via @Jeopardy/Instagram)
A still from Jeopardy! (Image via @Jeopardy/Instagram)

Jeopardy! is all set to return with a new episode and a new champion on Thursday, June 15, 2023. Though many banked on Suresh Krishnan and his steady streak to shine the brightest this season, he was defeated by Holly Hassel in the previous episode.

Unfortunately, even Krishnan could maintain his streak to the standards set by the champions of the previous season, which included some exceptional performers like Mattea Roach, Matt Amodio, and Amy Schneider. However, with a few more episodes still to go, fans are hoping for another long-lasting participant to take things forward.

In the upcoming episode of the popular game show, Holly Hassel will play the second game of her run against Suzanne Goldlust and Kiran MacCormick. Holly Hassel has managed to win an impressive $10,500 on her debut day, which may not be very high, but is certainly a promising figure.

Jeopardy! is one of the most popular game shows in the history of the country. It started back in the early 1960s and has since taken over the world by storm, subtly increasing in popularity over the many years and seasons. A lot of credit for its undying popularity goes to the engaging nature and offbeat format of the game show, things that set it apart from other similar competition shows. This game show also boasts a very interesting final round to add to its overall charm.

According to most, the final round is one of the main reasons for the game show's popularity. The final round of Jeopardy! has many offbeat features for participants. But, more importantly, it allows viewers to participate from the comfort of their homes. Viewers can do so by guessing the correct answer to the final question ahead of the episode's air time.

Over the years, this has become a common practice for the loyal fanbase of the show game show. However, it can still be quite a difficult endeavor. To ease this, we have compiled all the relevant details from the upcoming episode, including the answer to the final question below.

June 15, 2023, Thursday: Today's Final Jeopardy! question

The final question for the upcoming round of the game show reads:

"Established in 1938, this congressional group was still issuing subpoenas in 1969 and finally ceased to exist six years later."

This question is from the category "The U.S. Government." Though not a globally relevant trivia topic, similar topics have appeared in Jeopardy! from time to time, meaning that the contestants should be prepared for this one.

Jeopardy! final solution - Thursday, June 15, 2023

The clue and solution to the upcoming round's final question read as follows:

Clue: Established in 1938, this congressional group was still issuing subpoenas in 1969 and finally ceased to exist six years later.

Solution: The House Committee on Un-American Activities or the House Un-American Activities Committee (HCUA or HUAC).

HCUA was established in 1938 and continued to issue subpoenas in 1969. Throughout WWII, the committee investigated Nazi Propaganda but later ceased to exist.

Jeopardy! contestants today - Thursday, June 15, 2023

The three contestants for the upcoming round of the game show are Holly Hassel, an English Professor from Fargo, North Dakota, Suzanne Goldlust, a Marketing Manager from Reston, Virginia, and Kiran MacCormick, a Math Teacher from Burlington, Vermont.

Catch them in action on the upcoming round of Jeopardy!

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