Top 5 anime betrayals of all time

Top 5 anime betrayals of all time (Image via OLM, Inc.)
Top 5 anime betrayals of all time (Image via OLM, Inc.)

Betrayal is an act that is not tolerated by most people. Betrayal in anime is not uncommon and it usually takes place in the most dramatic way when viewers least expect it. This is done by mangakas in an attempt to evoke certain emotions towards characters in the show.

This leads to viewers being heavily invested in the show, which is a key element in storytelling. A good betrayal gives ample room for protagonists to take revenge. The following list is some of the most intense betrayals that anime viewers have witnessed.

Anime’s top 5 moments of betrayal

5) Rachel pushing Bam in Tower Of God

Rachel and Bam from Tower Of God were very good friends and Bam liked Rachel to a point where he was willing to climb the Tower Of God just to go after her. Climbing the Tower Of God is no easy feat and one must pass extremely difficult tests in order to reach the top.


Fans were shocked by the betrayal displayed by Rachel as she pushed Bam out of the bubble in the Submerged Fish Hunt test. This betrayal obviously stings even more when the fan base is already aware that Bam literally risked his life to go after her. She does this out of jealousy and decides to push him off in order to reach the top.

4) Integra being betrayed by Walter in Hellsing


Walter C. Dornez is a butler for the character Integra in Hellsing Ultimate. Despite his old age, he is strong enough to battle and defeat vampires. Later, he is caught by the Captain and is subjected to a rejuvenation process, making him much stronger and turning him into his younger self. Upon his return, he revealed that he was Millenium's new weapon, the Angel of Death, shockingly betraying his mistress Integra.

3) Aizen betrays the Soul Society in Bleach

Sosuke Aizen is known for being a great villain in Bleach. Initially, he was a reserved and mellow character who was a captain of the Soul Society's Gotei 13. He suddenly abandons all his positions and reveals an incredibly sinister side. This betrayal shocked fans and he decided to step it up a level higher by bringing his army of Arrancar in order to wage a war against the Soul Society.

2) Reiner and Bertholdt in Attack on Titan

Reiner and Bertholdt were good friends with Eren and the rest of the Scout Regiment in Attack On Titan. They trained, ate, and lived together which strengthened their relationships with each other. The two seemed to hate Titans, but their betrayal shocked fans and viewers. Reiner and Bertholdt turned out to be the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan that wreaked havoc in the show.

1) Griffith in Berserk

Griffith reborn as Femto (Image via Reddit thread r/Berserk)
Griffith reborn as Femto (Image via Reddit thread r/Berserk)

Berserk's Griffith is the leader of the Band Of The Hawk, a special mercenary group founded by the White Falcon Griffith to improve the outcome of the Hundred Year War. Unfortunately, Griffith had an affair with Midland's princess which led to his torture and imprisonment. Most of his mercenary group were hunted down and killed by Midland's army. Despite their immense suffering, they attempted to rescue Griffith only to witness his betrayal. His betrayal led to him activating Crimson Beherit, sacrificing the Band Of The Hawk just to be reborn as the angel Femto.

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