Top 5 memorable MTV VMA moments through the years

Michael Jackson at MTV VMA 2002 (Image via Getty Images)
Michael Jackson at MTV VMA 2002 (Image via Getty Images)

MTV VMA is known for honoring the best music videos of the year. But apart from that, the event has grabbed the headlines for performances, speeches, political commentary, and more.

MTV Video Music Awards 2021 is streaming on September 12. This is the best time to revisit the best moments of the popular awards ceremony in the last few years.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

5 memorable MTV VMA moments

1) Michael Jackson accepts imaginary Artist of the Millennium Award

Michael Jackson turned 44 on the day of MTV VMA 2002. Britney Spears was believed to have presented him with a birthday cake. Jackson heard Spears calling him the artist of the millennium when he was backstage and thought he might have won the award of the same name. However, he thanked David Blaine in his acceptance speech and received applause from the audience.

2) Sam Kinison stands up against rehab

Comedian Sam Kinison (Image via Getty Images)
Comedian Sam Kinison (Image via Getty Images)

Comedian Sam Kinison was asked to honor Guns N' Roses at MTV VMA 1988. He included a portion of his stand-up while giving his introduction. Kinison announced that he was proud of himself for avoiding rehab and called it doubtful for several people. He termed Huey Lewis as the first experiment in propaganda rock and Michael Hutchence as the true Michael since he appeared with his band.

3) Janet Jackson pays tribute to Michael Jackson

MTV VMA 2009 was held a few months after the death of Michael Jackson. He performed on the show for many years and his absence is felt even today. However, Janet Jackson paid tribute to her brother and performed on the duet Scream where she worked with her brother. It left an emotional impact on every celebrity present on the occasion.

4) Lorde performing without singing

Singer and songwriter Lorde was diagnosed with the flu while MTV VMA 2017 was approaching. Despite that, she did not cancel her performance. Instead, she decided to dance but not sing to the song. Her fans questioned her choice but she eventually revealed everything on Twitter.

5) MTV VMA 2016 was partly a Rihanna Concert

Rihanna was chosen for the Video Vanguard award in 2016. Usually, Video Vanguard honorees perform for 15 minutes. However, Rihanna was spotted performing four of her popular tracks. Rihanna's fans may have supported her decision, but the awards ceremony was partly considered a Rihanna Concert by some people.

Edited by R. Elahi
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