Top 5 most underrated Dragon Ball characters

Image via Comic Book
Image via Comic Book
Amitesh Dhar

The entire Dragon Ball series has a lot of powerful characters. However, what's portrayed in the anime is slightly different from that in the manga. There are a few characters who don't receive the kind of recognition they deserve.

Till date, almost every character in Dragon Ball has contributed to the storyline in some way or another. Here are the top 5 most underrated characters in the entire Dragon Ball series.

5 most underrated characters in Dragon Ball

#1 Oolong


He may be a very cute looking pig and may not be strong enough to match up to the Z warriors, but Oolong played a very important role in the Dragon Ball series. He was one of the first three characters to be introduced in the series, and he's the first in the entire Dragon Ball series to have made a wish on the Dragon Balls. Thanks to Oolong, Emperor Pilaf couldn't reign supreme over the world.

#2 Android 18


This character deserved a lot of attention, but sadly didn't get much. Android 18 is as dangerous as they can get. She puts up an amazing fight and steps up to the challenge every single time. She's prominent during the Cell Arc and the Buu Arc and then slowly fades into the background. It's sad to see this character so under-utilized in the entire Dragon Ball series.

#3 Chi Chi


Those who've just watched the Dragon Ball anime will recognize Chi Chi as the overbearing lady who yells at Goku at every chance she gets. However, that's not the case. According to the manga, Chi Chi's behavior may be overbearing, but not exactly as overbearing as shown in the anime. Other than that, Chi Chi is a trained Kame style fighter. Although she didn't train under Master Roshi, her father, the Ox-King, was responsible for her Kame style tutelage.

#4 Muten Roshi


He was Goku's first martial arts teacher. Although Master Roshi is beyond his prime, he's still a very powerful individual in the entire Dragon Ball series. Too bad the anime didn't explore the true depth of Muten Roshi's strength and just portrayed him as a perverted old man.

#5 Mr. Satan


He's been treated as comic relief in almost all of his appearances in the anime. He can't use Kii, nor can he match up to most of the fighters in the entire Dragon Ball series. However, Mr. Satan happens to be one of the strongest human beings on earth. Although comic relief is necessary, the series could have explored and made use of Mr. Satan's character a lot more.

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