Twitch streamer rages while explaining why she doesn't respond to people in her chat in a viral clip

Image via KiaraaKitty, Twitch
Image via KiaraaKitty, Twitch

A female Twitch streamer from Singapore went on a rant against her Twitch chat for repeatedly asking her to respond to weird questions.

KiaraaKitty was streaming and engaging with her viewers whilst sitting outside on a pavement. However, her Twitch chat was repeatedly asking her why she wasn’t responding to some of the questions that viewers were asking.

In response, the Twitch streamer went on a serious rant explaining that she is tired of some of her viewers, who keep asking her weird questions.

Quite a few viewers on Twitch tend to ask personal/obscene questions to streamers, and she went on quite a long rant explaining exactly why she does not want to respond to their queries.


Twitch streamer goes on rant while explaining why she doesn’t respond to various questions in her chat

Kiara "KiaraaKitty" Kitty is a Hongkong born resident of Singapore and regularly streams various games on Twitch. This includes GTA V, CS:GO, PUBG and Overwatch. However, most of KiaraaKitty’s streams are of the IRL genre, and she regularly posts content related to her travels and outside exploration.

Currently, the streamer has around 132k followers on Twitch along with a further 21.4k subscribers on YouTube. While engaging with her viewers in a recent stream, the Twitch streamer lost her calm and ended up going on a rant against some of her viewers.

Image via KiaraaKitty, Twitch
Image via KiaraaKitty, Twitch
“Can you guys stop asking me why the f**k I don’t respond to chat but everytime I reply to chat, it’s all kinds of weird ass questions like “do you shave your p***y or do you like this do you do that? Shut the f**k up okay shut the fuck up with your h**ny as f**k questions nobody gives a f**k about answering all these questions. Yo, I am not your personal p**n-star!”

Needless to say, the rant in itself was quite explicit and filled with anger. However, the Twitch streamer cannot be blamed as various female streamers on the platform have often been “over-sexualized” by a part of their community.

Unlike in most situations like this, where the viewers get away, KiaraaKitty seemed to have simply had it.

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