Twitter users attempt to cancel "VTuber" PewDiePie

Pewdiepie recently did a reverse face reveal
Pewdiepie recently did a reverse face reveal

Swedish internet star PewDiePie recently returned from a break with an avatar no one was expecting. Following in the steps of Dream and Corpse Husband, PewDiePie asked his fans to help him "pick a new face," The idea was to do a reverse face reveal, where he goes hidden.

With this in mind, he hosted a stream as a VTuber. Twitter users have now gone into a frenzy over it, calling for PewDiePie to be "cancelled."

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Twitter users petition to cancel VTuber PewDiePie


Following his debut as a VTuber, Twitter users didn't take kindly to his adoption of the avatar. They stated concerns of white supremacy, and why this move is bad for the VTuber community.

Many fans believe this will negatively impact the VTuber community despite the exposure that PewDiePie will bring. The main contention was that the community will be flooded with PewDiePie's allegedly "edgy" fanbase.

It seems that many members of the VTuber community consider him an alt-right white supremacist.

These allegations are mostly baseless. Calling for his "cancellation" over an internet avatar displays the kind of influence the internet star has.

PewDiePie can't seem to catch a break, and even after countless charity streams and fundraisers gets labelled as a racist right-winger. Other fans have come out in support of the YouTuber on Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets in support of PewDiePie:

It is unclear if he will continue as a VTuber, but cancelling him for simply adopting a persona seems a tad excessive.

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