Twitter wants Bryce Hall cancelled after shocking footage of him attacking a restaurant waiter goes viral

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The latest star to jump on the TikTok controversy bandwagon is 21-year old Bryce Hall, who was recently involved in a restaurant brawl, where he can be seen lashing out at a waiter.

The incident was caught on camera and has now gone viral, and it has caused outrage online. This comes just a few weeks after the TikTok star was criticised for releasing footage of a brawl outside a diner, where he and fellow members of Sway House, can be seen ganging up against an unknown man.

According to a report by TMZ, the reason behind his recent restaurant brawl was vaping, which is considered illegal in LA restaurants.

It is reported that despite the waiter telling him and his group to stop vaping numerous times, Bryce Hall was flippant in his attitude, to the extent of even blowing smoke in the waiter's face.

In the clip above, Bryce Hall can be spotted in the midst of a huge scuffle, which eventually has to be broken up by staff and customers.

One source apparently said that it was Bryce and his friends who jumped an employee, with the TikTok star himself throwing the first punch.

Bryce on the other hand, refutes these claims and states that it was a manager who grabbed him and tried to drag him away. Irrespective of what really went down at the restaurant, Twitter seems to be having none of it, as they vehemently criticised Bryce Hall online.

Bryce Hall courts controversy, yet again


Bryce Hall is turning out to be one of TikTok's most probematic stars, given his penchant for controversy.

Moreover, with millions of followers across social media, Bryce doesn't seem to be setting the right precedent for his young fans, some of whom religiously 'stan' him and fellow members of Sway House.

The 21-year old TikTok star has become notorious for his various controversies, which range from partying during the pandemic to his recent spate of street brawls.

According to TMZ, one employee reportedly suffered a broken hand and named Bryce Hall as his prime attacker. He is currently looking to press charges against him, as things don't seem to be looking good for the TikTok star.

If that wasn't enough, Bryce Hall now seems to have irked a large section of the online community, who seem to be reaching their breaking point when it comes to tolerating his antics.

Check out some of the reactions online, as several reacted to Bryce Hall's recent escapade:

As criticism continues to pile up against him, and given his notorious track record, things do not seem to be looking up for Bryce Hall, who needs to get his act together soon.

However, there are always two sides to a story, and with the manager looking to press charges, expect the truth to be revealed eventually.

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