'Vicky and her Mystery' ending explained: Do Mystère and Victoria stay together? (Spoilers)

Still from Netflix's Vicky and her Mystery - Victoria with a young Mystère (Image via Netflix)
Still from Netflix's Vicky and her Mystery - Victoria with a young Mystère (Image via Netflix)

Love between a human and an animal is always pure, and Netflix's latest film Vicky and her Mystery is here to justify that.

The French drama film Vicky and her Mystery, revolves around a sad young girl who comes across a puppy after the loss of her mother. The film shows the journey between the two, Victoria and Mystère, who later turns out to be a wolf. It also sheds light on the importance of family, wolf or human, and how it conquers all.

Let's dissect and understand the ending of Netflix's Vicky and her Mystery.

Caution: This article contains spoilers.

Analyzing the end of 'Vicky and her Mystery'



Vicky and her Mystery opens with glorious shots of the Cantal mountains, wilderness and wolves but it all changes when men with guns appear, who are obviously hunting those wolves. Shots of wolves running are scenes where one of the adults gets shot, leaving one baby wolf alone.

This specific scene in Vicky and her Mystery is to reflect the lead, Victoria, how she feels alone after the loss of her mother. The contrast of the landscapes and violence shows how man can easily destroy something so beautiful, which is exactly why nature should be left alone.

Viewers then meet Stéphane and Victoria, who have just moved to the hills, into their spooky yet cute new home. The young girl is not speaking but is constantly listening to her late mother's playlist. Her father keeps trying to get her to engage but fails, so one day he comes up with a plan to trek the beautiful mountains.

This hike again captures the beauty of the scenery but unfortunately, Stéphane and Victoria find themselves lost in the woods. They manage to come across a local who helps them.

While the two are at the man's place, Victoria finds a lost little puppy in the barn and learns that he is called Mystère. He then insists that she keeps him, which she does but in more of a covert way.

The man then drives the two back home and Victoria still keeps Mystère a secret from her dad by hiding him in her room for days. Stéphane eventually finds out and is baffled at first, but allows her to keep the puppy.

He knows that it's for the better as Victoria is finally talking and is happy, something he has been desperate for since their tragic loss.

As Mystère gets older, he starts to attract more and more people. However, it is later revealed that he is not a dog but a wolf. They also learn that they are not liked in the area as they kill livestock. The scene then cuts to two men tracking a wolf who is looking for her baby.

The wolf finds herself near Victoria's house, which makes the two men suspicious.


Towards the end of Vicky and her Mystery, viewers will see Mystère and the family coming face to face with the mother wolf. He runs back to Victoria and the mother wolf runs away. Because of this encounter, their vet asks them to either release him or send him off to a sanctuary.

However, Stéphane builds him a giant doghouse to keep him hidden and safe.

The local farmer eventually finds out about Mystère and takes him away which sends Victoria back to her old reserved self. A local meeting is held and Stéphane takes Victoria along to teach her how the wolves are dangerous but it has no effect on her.

On the other hand, Mystère escapes and comes looking for Victoria, eventually leaving with her into the wilderness to find the his wolf pack.

Stéphane learns that Victoria is missing from school and goes out to find her. He then comes across Mystère, who leads him to his cold and tired daughter. The weather turns stormy in Vicky and her Mystery and the group then look for the man they've met before.

The man then takes them in and looks after them for the night. Victoria then admits that she wanted to save Mystère but feels like she has failed.

Vicky and her Mystery then cuts to hunters looking for Mystère. He tries to run towards the house but gets shot, causing him to fall. The farmer is shocked as he thought he shot Victoria instead and gets punched by Stéphane in the face for doing so.

This causes the farmers to stop hunting for wolves as they now understand the ramifications of their decisions.

Mystère was badly hurt but is now being taken care of, recovering miraculously. rate. He is then reunited with his wolf family and Victoria is seen saying goodbye to him. Vicky and her Mystery ends with shots of the wolf family playing in the snow which represents freedom.

The end credits of Vicky and her Mystery show a grown-up photo of the real Vicky and Mystère, revealing how the two met when she was just three years old.

Vicky and her Mystery is now streaming on Netflix.

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