'Don't Look Up' ending explained: Do people finally believe Dr. Mindy and stop the comet? (Spoilers)

Still from Netflix's Don't Look Up (Image via Netflix)
Still from Netflix's Don't Look Up (Image via Netflix)

Adam McKay's star-studded film Don't Look Up is finally here, and it is to die for (quite literally).

The Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer follows the journey of two astronomers who discover a planet-destroying comet headed towards Earth. The duo go out on a mission to spread awareness about the same but have a hard time making people believe, until it's too late.

Let's dissect and understand the ending of Netflix's Don't Look Up.

Caution: This article contains spoilers.

Analyzing the end of 'Don't Look Up'


As Don't Look Up progresses towards the end, viewers will see the entire plan to destroy the comet before it hits the planet gets compromised. Apparently, the minerals in the killer comet are worth $140 trillion, which is something President Orlean does not want to give up. Their plan is a sham, and they start telling people about the job opportunities the comet will create.

Tech mogul Peter Isherwell has developed a plan to split the comet into 30 smaller meteoroids using BASH drones. This way, the broken meteoroids will safely steer into the Pacific Ocean and make it easier for BASH to acquire them. Randall gets to know about this and immediately tells Kate about the new plan, which she reveals to a bar full of people and gets arrested by the FBI.

Thankfully, she is let go of but only after she agrees to no media appearances, while Randall ends up becoming a government spokesperson for "the jobs the comet can create".

The BASH mission turns out to be a sham in Don't Look Up and is prevented from being reviewed by Randall's colleagues, who are also quietly removed from the project. This pushes Randall to his breaking point and he ends up telling the truth on The Daily Rip, which leads Brie to break off their affair.

The comet is finally visible to the naked eye in Don't Look Up, due to which Randall and Kate reunite, 25 days before it really hits. The duo tries to get people to look up through #JustLookUp social media posts and a concert headlined by Riley and DJ Chello with their new song Just Look Up.

At the same time, President Orlean leads an opposition campaign #Don'tLookUp which initially gets her a lot of media coverage as well as support. But eventually, her supporters turn on her after they look up and see the comet nearing Earth, by this point BASH's mission becomes Earth's last hope for survival.

The BASH mission does not go as planned, and as it starts to fail, President Orlean and Peter Isherwell escape to a ship planned to find another livable planet. Orlean's son gets left behind, which she realizes later on but doesn't care enough about.

President Orlean calls up Randall and offers him a place on the ship with another person, but he turns it down. Randall instead goes home to his wife with Kate, Dr. Oglethorpe, and Yule as the comet nears Earth. They all sit down and have dinner together and discuss how they at least tried. The comet finally strikes in Don't Look Up and almost immediately destroys the entire planet, but the BASH ship ends up leaving just in time.

'Don't Look Up' mid-credits scene explained

Don't Look Up then jumps to 22,740 years later, when the ship arrives on a new planet and the passengers awaken from their cryogenic sleep. They walk out of the ship into a beautiful planet where the oxygen level is a bit higher than Earth's but is still livable.

But before they can enjoy their new reality, President Orleans gets eaten by the planet's animals. More of these animals, named Bronteroc, are seen approaching after this, which makes it obvious that they all get killed by them. So, they truly couldn't save themselves from catastrophe.

'Don't Look Up' post-credits scene explained

Before Don't Look Up truly ends, viewers will get one last scene. The film goes back to when the wreckage occurred and President Orlean’s son Jason is seen crawling out of the crumbles. He calls out for his mom and then takes out his phone to record himself.

In the recording, he tells his followers that he is the last man on Earth and ends it with the 'like and subscribe' outro. The only thing is that there is no one who will see this video because they all are dead and it's doubtful he survived.

Catch the satirical dramedy Don't Look Up, now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

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